Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Tour

Xbox 360 Fanboy recently introduced a video tour of the four highly anticipated maps for Call of Duty 4 (Variety Map Pack), already available on XBL and the PSN. Watch the brand new video to see for yourself whether or not your 800 MP (10$) could be better spent elsewhere.

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Bleucrunch3848d ago

I am really liking these maps cant wait for them to come to the ps3.

staub913848d ago

noob tube much? lol....the maps look great cant wait til its out on ps3

Zancruz3848d ago

Don't get me wrong, I like the maps.... But $10 is to much for them.

The Creek is the best to me.

Teh-Venom3848d ago

10 freaking bucks?!! that's outrageous, if i were president i would invent virtual money for gamers! dude like if 60 bucks wasn't enough for the game. rant/

jinn3848d ago

y do we xbox live subscribers have to pay for EVERYTHING?