MTV Multiplayer: Hands-On: THQ's Refreshingly Fun And Dark 'Deadly Creatures'

MTV Multiplayer writes: "There are few experiences more intense than eating your enemy to regain health. And no, we're not talking about a sequel to "Dead Rising.", but THQ and Rainbow Studios' Wii game Deadly Creatures."

At THQ's Gamer's Day last week, I went hands-on with Rainbow's radically different Wii adventure to spend some quality time as a blood-lusting scorpion.

"Deadly Creatures" is unlike anything I've ever played. The closet comparison, which lead designer Devin Knudsen told me was common, is "Spider" on PS One. In fact, while I roamed as a scorpion during the demo, Knudsen told me other playable creature actually is a spider."

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the games is looking great