XboxOZ360-Gamer Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

With so many FPS's hitting shelves right now, David from XboxOZ360 is not overly impressed with Codemaster and Spark's latest entry into the FPS arena.

dkpatriarch writes: "I love "what if" scenarios. From science fiction to conspiracy thrillers, "what if" makes life more exciting because "what is" is often so mundane. Turing Point: Fall of Liberty, from Spark and Codemasters, presents a captivating "what if" story revolving around an alternate history where Winston Churchill, instead of surviving being hit by a taxi, dies and the United Kingdom subsequently falls to Nazi forces in World War 2. In the 1950s the Nazis attack the United States and the game begins. So, is the game a 'turning point' in the first person war shooter genre, or does it commit video game atrocities?"

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feejo3847d ago

They probably already working on a version do DS3 that rumbble more.