PS3/360 Cry Engine 2 to Look Near High Settings on PC


"It almost sounds too good to be true. Almost? It is too good to be true. Could Cry Engine 2 on consoles really look any where near as good as Crysis on the PC? Crytek's Engine Business Manager, Harald Seeley, states that they expect the console versions to "look like they're running at high settings, or nearly high settings, on a PC." *Shock.*"

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pwnsause3849d ago

mmh, they are only talking about PS3 here.

iAmPS33849d ago

They are absolutely talking about the PS3, CELL + RSX is PURE OWNAGE.

ambientFLIER3849d ago

Lol, how do you morons still have any bubbles left?

pwnsause3848d ago

well ambient, do you actually think this game can run on the 360? look at what the Crysis dev said. did he mentioned anything about the 360? no he just said PS3, although the Journalists try to get his question answered to see if the cry engine actually did make an appearance on the 360 and PS3. its not fanboyism. lol.

ambientFLIER3848d ago

Hasn't the developer already said that the engine is capable of running on the 360 at medium-high settings a few weeks ago? I remember reading it. Anyway, why wouldn't it run on the xbox? The xbox is a 3.2ghz multi-core pc. Yeah, it doesn't have as much ram as pc's, but that can be compensated for with specific tuning for the platform. More load times, streaming, etc. I fully believe that it can run it just fine.

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poos33848d ago

hhahahahahahah ps3 owners it seems like ur moms did int teach u anything the ps3 cant handle turok and u think it can run games that do more than shoot and run ? hahahahha there is no complex game on the poo station 3 only oblivion which is a year port from the 360, all multiplat games look crap on the ps3 so will gta 4,farcry 2 etc u ps3 zombies should be happy cause of the 360 muliplatform games are looking better than ps3 exclusive +)fallout 3/gta 4/farcry 2 and yes they werbuilt from the 360 ( leadplatform0 so deny it more and get a new mom cause urs failed to teach u top to have a brain

Lord Anubis3849d ago

ah interesting. Eventhough we know the PS3 is more powerful in terms of architecture the crysis team is able to get more from the PS3 even though they are barely getting their hands on the hardware. Oh, this could bring competition among the SCE teams. Let's see how insomniac see this.

3849d ago
Martini3849d ago

ah reading comprehension problem ?? Maybe you are used to a 15 frames per second so you can't read / see that good.... ?

"PS3 games which run on our engine in the future will definitely stand significantly apart from other games that don’t."

Lord Anubis3849d ago

what does that have to do with the team understanding the architecture and getting more out of the architect than most of the other teams. BTW when you quote, don't simply quote what you think will make the argument.

"Well there is no doubt that porting our engine to the PlayStation 3 is the more challenging of our two ongoing conversion projects, but that works to our advantage in the end. ((We feel certain we have the ability to get the most that is possible out of that platform, and therefore PS3 games which run on our engine in the future will definitely stand significantly apart from other games that don’t))."

gambare3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

it sounds like something good for the use of the PS3 in reference of the cryengine

sonarus3849d ago

Why waste your breath arguing. Do you know how much of a beast crysis is? lol if they can get it to run on high on 360/ps3 i won't believe it till i see it.

INehalemEXI3849d ago

Its not hard for me to believe , There are laptops that run it on max settings. so High on 360 and PS3 is not amazing to me.

Sarick3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

He said it's more difficult and it will work to their advantage.

Then went on to say their games will stand out.

I think this is a significant positive on his part. He points out that although it'll be harder to work with more can be done to improve this version. Clearly making it stand out above its competition.

Why the hostility and negative optimism? I don't see this as a negative statement in the least. The developer clearly believes his company can create software of high quality that uses these consoles to their limits, especially the PS3s complex architecture.

Let me get this streight. Are you saying this developer is bias and creating hype to save face for a product? If that's what your implying then your opinion isn't based on good faith to begin with.

Lifendz3848d ago

If I can buy the console version of a game like Crysis and get an experience that's better than what a PC gamer with a PC that costs the same as a console, then why would I opt for a PC? I know I know, for consoles you have to have a HD tv to enjoy it to its max. I'd say that once I have the HD tv I'm good for a much longer time than I am if I buy that new graphics card.

Not knocking PC gamers. If you have the money to keep up with PC gaming than more power to you. I just saying that something like Crysis looking close to max settings on consoles is a big deterrent for a gamer when thinking about whether to get a PC or a console like 360 or PS3.

Charlie26883848d ago

@Lifendz: do you even understand what you are saying? are you even familiar with how PC gaming works vs console gaming?


Lifendz3848d ago

No Charlie. Why don't you explain it all to me.

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replikka3849d ago

leave ur fanboyism out the door please. oh yea, use some frikkin punctuations.

The Closing3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Read the article before making a "frikkin" comment.

kevoncox3849d ago

No the guy was right. NOwhere did it say the Ps3 is the most powerful console. They basically said that the new engine will look better than anything on the ps3 so far....

The other guy has other motives.

Varsarus3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Interesting. The Cell + RSX combo could probably do more than high maybe.

Varsarus3848d ago

looks like you are, move along kid.