Interview: Brad Wardell on Demigod and Impulse

GameSpy writes: "In a surprising announcement today, Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games (creators of Dungeon Siege) and Brad Wardell's Stardock (publishers of the Galactic Civilizations series and Sins of a Solar Empire) revealed that they would be partnering for both retail and digital distribution of GPG's newest title Demigod. The value for Stardock is obvious as the company prepares to morph "Stardock Central," its fledgling digital distribution system, into "Impulse," a full-service digital game seller. According to Wardell, Stardock plans to have rough content parity with competitors like Steam and Direct2Drive by the end of 2008 and will also include non-gaming content such as anti-virus packages, disk utilities and other PC applications.

The value proposition for Gas Powered Games in this latest move is a little harder to see, but according to the press release issued on the matter, Stardock's most recent game release, Sins of a Solar Empire, was the top-selling PC strategy game at retail despite selling a large number of copies digitally and having no copy protection. Demigod will apparently be following this pattern -- releasing without copy protection, an extensive beta program (which occasioned a new February 2009 release date) and many months of post-release support and free updates. We were able to sit down with Stardock's Brad Wardell to discuss the two companies' initiative."

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