Could a Future Batman Arkham Game Show Superman vs Batman?

Vyralize: With the future of the DC movie universe revealed at Comic Con, is this the boost developers need to get more DC superheroes in games?

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2767d ago
hennessey862767d ago

How this would be a fight, maybe you have read the comics. Surely superman would destroy batman.

xHeavYx2767d ago

Barman would be prepared and have some kryptonite maybe?

xHeavYx2767d ago

I guess Barman would bring some drinks, lol, too late to edit

The Meerkat2767d ago

In Batman Brave and the Bold
Blue Beetle asks his friend who would win between Batman and Superman if Batman had no Kryptonite.

The friend says Superman to which Blue Beetle replies that it was a trick question and Batman always has Kryptonite.

or watch Justice League: Doom
Batman can beat everyone.

Heisenburger2767d ago

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.

One on one obviously Supes would obliterate Batman.

However Batman always has Kryptonite on him.

It would depend on the scenario.

Root2767d ago

I doubt they are actually going to be against each other in the film...maybe for a little bit since they might misunderstand each other but I think the real villain will be Lex Luthor.

bohangirl842767d ago

I think having a Batman Arkham styled game for Batman vs. Superman is quite intriguing.

RonyDean2767d ago

I so want this! A dark Superman / Batman game would be AWESOME!

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