UGO: Ninja Gaiden 2 Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "For those who have been scribbling madly on their Nintendo DS screens, slashing apart ninjas and fiends in a mad dash to learn of Ryu Hayabusa's latest exploits, the wait is almost over. In just a few short weeks, Ninja Gaiden II will drop like a bloody, limbless torso on Xbox 360 consoles everywhere. Developer Team Ninja may have taken it easy on us with Dragon Sword, but don't expect the same treatment with the console follow-up to one of the most difficult games released in recent years

Dying Harder in Ninja Gaiden II

Starting a new game in Ninja Gaiden II presents players with a pair of difficulty options: Path of the Acolyte and Path of the Warrior. Those familiar with the series and its damnable difficulty will feel no shame in choosing Acolyte; the challenge is still considerable but hey, you might actually beat the game in this mode. Warrior is instead for sadists and robots, players with superhuman reflexes, monumental levels of patience and lots of time to kill."

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