IGN Preview of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Chris Roper writes for IGN:
"Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit will follow the exploits seen during the Z Chronicles, running from the beginning of the Saiyan Saga to the end of the Cell Saga. The tale will feature branching paths that spin off into the original elements, allowing for new segments in a story that stays true to the universe's canon."

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Jim Crowslaw4478d ago

japanese music option???????? automatic buy for me. And i refuse to play users online as they always find someway to exploit the game. For example making chaotzu defeat someone like Cell smh. I kno its just a game but i take this series a lil too serious.

Blackcanary4478d ago

I think they should just make a brand new DBZ saga for the game instead of using the same saga in every game.