Gamedaily: Darksiders: Wrath of War Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Say what you will about the Catholic faith, but we've always loved the four horsemen, those ultimate bad asses that come to give mankind the business. So you can imagine our surprise when we laid our eyes on THQ's upcoming Darksiders: Wrath a War, a gorgeous looking third person hack-and-slash game that lets us play as one of those four horsemen. If you love dark, macabre environments and tons of action, this is one you won't want to miss.

In the game, you play as War, a horseman with a bad attitude and a thirst for destruction. As you explore an apocalypse ravaged Earth, you'll come in contact with both angels and demons, and although you're free to pick sides, you're encouraged to slaughter everyone using a plethora of weapons, from your razor sharp sword to a helicopter's chain gun. And for added dramatic effect, you'll be able to ride your trusty steer, Ruin, barreling across the desert firing at enemies, leaping hundreds of feet into the air and then mounting the beast, which seems to always appear out of nowhere."

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And make this one to remember! Can't wait to play this one