NFS ProStreet to feature first appearance of Bugatti Veyron in videogame

Exotic automakers have been lining up like their customers to get their supercars onto the latest driving simulators. If you own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the excitement has been palatable.

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Siesser3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I remember reading about this car in Popular Science last year. If I recall correctly, it's the fastest street-legal car in production, and when you pass a certain speed (forget what it was), the suspension lowers and little wings (air foils) come out to increase stability and handling.

Dangit, I need to get rich. It'd be tough using it on I95 though...

gogators3844d ago

that would take this car on. The road had better be smooth as a baby's @ss.

Siesser3844d ago

lol, given the amount of potholes, waviness, and debris found on it here in VA, it'd definitely be a risky joy-ride

InMyOpinion3844d ago

What is that? I'd take it to autobahn instead(in my dreams).

"The recommended speed of the German autobahn is 130 km/h (81 mph), but there is no speed limit."

PirateThom3844d ago

Imagine this in a good game... shame it's being wasted on NFSPS.

Fallen_Angel3844d ago

Ya that was my 1st thought too why put this car is a NFS game

Spydr073844d ago

The Bugatti is no longer the world's fastest car. That title belongs to Shelby's SSC Ultimate Aero and is recognized by Guiness. Here's a link:

Siesser3844d ago

Ah, sad to see it dethroned. I liked the design of it. Regardless though, these things are motoring around at 1/3 the speed of sound :S. Geesh.

SL1M DADDY3844d ago

Well, well... The Shelby isn't in Need for Speed: Pro Street so there!



What a shame. To think, if Bugatti was smart, they would have contacted Polyphony and had them slap that baby into GT5P.

Jinxstar3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I still think they veyron has the fastest 0-60 though. Acceleration is better imo. In a 1 mile race guess who wins.... It takes forever for these cars to top out....

redmamoth3844d ago

... In GT5... That would be amazing!


come on...NFS, please there are so many better games it could have gone it.

personally i would loved to have seen it in PGR, Forza or GT-pro ( hoping it makes it into GT5 ).

True it is no longer the fastest production car and the Aero is in PGR, but its much better looking. The Aero just looks like a converted Lambo diablo.

lets hope the true racing kings get this car in their games.

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The story is too old to be commented.