Xbox One vs. PS4 What Console Offers More?

The Xbox One and the PS4 are competing for a spot on your living room for the next decade. Which consoles offers more?

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iamnsuperman3719d ago

Well I don't know about those skus but this new PS4 sku clearly has a lot more going for it


It has arms. What more functionality do you need /s

OT: The One, in a way, offers more in the way of out of the box functionality. The issues is, it is up to you if you think that extra functionality is really worth an extra $100 when other things like the RAM have been affected

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MariaHelFutura3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

The PS4 and for less.

Are better, I won't post the number again cause it's giving some people a nervous breakdown.

Recording time


Xbox One


Internal Studios

Sony's 1st and 2nd party developers

Microsoft's 1st and 2nd party developers

Class dismissed.

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MariaHelFutura3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

"Specs, are meaningless"

Where have I heard that before?

You've been trained well.

"Kinect alone gives X1 20 advantages over PS4."

The average Xbox fans hates Kinect and wishes it didn't exist.

whoyouwit043719d ago

Your brain is dismissed, There is no way you realistically think PS4 has more to offer other the 10 extra minutes of record time.

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Spoons3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Hmmm, sorely wrong Maria.

Lets go over some points, class in session:

-Pay to play online know
-Arguably better specs
-Free old games with PSN
-Records 15 minutes of game play. Thus uses more ram for OS as recently revealed (even though consumers bought it on the basis of it having 7gb). Ouch.
-Controller has a touch screen. Not gimmicky like Kinect some how.
-Line up consists of more Indie games than AAA games.

Xbox One:
-Integrated t.v.
-Integrated internet
-Xbox movies, one of the best movie services available
-Azure cloud computing. Proved useful by Nvidia Recently. For more information see asteroid demonstration: http://thenextweb.com/micro...
-Kinect 2.0, already creatively used in DR3 and other games.
-Re-designed controller has two more rumble motors inside the triggers. Used for extra haptic feedback in games like Forza 5 to tell tire traction.
-Better line up. Best looking game on PS4 (killzone) still has 4 times less triangles per character model than Ryse.
-More AAA games than Indie games.
-Every Xbox is a developer kit and can be used for modding.
-Multi-screen functionality. Allows you to skype, use internet, watch t.v., ect while doing anything else with main screen. Combinations are endless.
-Hdmi Input AND output. Among many of the things you can do you could literally plug in a 360 to the one and play a 360 game in the corner screen while playing a one game on the main screen.
-And recently revealed free unlimited cloud storage so no need to pay for and replace hard drive when it's full like on PS4.

I used to think PS4 was shaping up to be the next gen leader but as MS continues to reveal cool new info about the One, Sony seems to have run out of things to say. It's simply an upgraded ps3.

MariaHelFutura3719d ago

What hilarious I'm talking games, studios and game related stuff and you guys are talking about TV, Flailing and features the PS3 has had since 2006.

The PS4 allows game sharing of digital titles, instant video sharing, taking over a friends game online, actually free f2p games, PS1/2/3 titles from Gaikai and more things to do w/ you know.... games. Plus all the media features w/ no paywalls. It only does everything.... remember. If anything, the Xbox One is the PS3.5 but w/ a power brick and AA's.

Spoons3719d ago

Please stop, you have hardly any arguments but weak ones at best. Care to refute any of my points...? From one individual to another, at this point you are embarrassing yourself.

LordNikon3719d ago

Lol, that's just being biased Spoon. Coz you're missing quite a few PS4 things from that list you made. Like PS+, Gaikai cloud streaming service, PS3 and PS4 also has intergrated internet... except it isn't required to setup the console (+1), Vita remote control feature, and the (optional) PS eye. And the PS4 still has 15 unannouced PS4 games where the XOne only has 4 left, isn't that worth noting in the games argument? Because buying a console means you're investing in it. But yeah... thats about it, i guess.

Both consoles has a weak launch line-up. With the PS4 i'm only interested in Infamous and Killzone, the XO has nothing that interests me, except Quantum Break.

forcefullpower3719d ago

We already know the ps4 is better than x1. Please stop with these repeated posts.

Can the mods ban her for a while as its getting ridiculous.

Hicken3719d ago

Maria, to be frank, you're asking for it. Repeating the same thing in every article is gonna get you marked as spam, eventually, and you'll find yourself back down to one bubble.

That said, it's ironic that the guys attacking you, claiming you to be a fanboy, are all showing themselves to be fanboys, as well.

thecoronor hasn't been around one whole day yet(as of writing this); nearly all his comments are responding to Maria, and most of them are exactly the same comment, just like Maria's. He's even gotten a couple of Well Saids for... well, not very well said comments.

whoyouwit04 speaks for himself, in a manner of speaking. His allegiance could never be questioned or confused, and he's had MORE than his share of trolling and fanboy comments. Though, apparently, that doesn't matter.

Spoons has been around for even less time than thecoronor, and has virtually the same m.o. Only difference is that Spoons doesn't repeat entire comments. Still, he spends all his time downplaying Sony-related subjects. Not as large a sample size, but still a complete lack of objectivity.

And these guys are the ones calling Maria out?

I agree that seeing the same thing repeatedly is getting annoying, but until Maria is actually wrong, what are you gonna do? Make a one-sided, biased, half-assed list like Spoons did? Run with rumors that were being contradicted by reality before they even surfaced, like thecoronor?

C'mon, guys. You can't counter fanboy with fanboy and expect anybody to take you seriously. Then again, since you ARE fanboys, it's not like you'd be taken seriously anyway...

XabiDaChosenOne3719d ago

@theconner You keep posting the same opinion piece that uses Eurogamers debunked rumor as a source as if it's fact. Why?

Ezz20133719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


-Much better specs than xbox (GPU 50% more stronger,Better/Faster/more Ram)
-Free games with PSN
-Integrated t.v.
-Integrated internet
-movies, one of the best movie services available
-Records 15 minutes of game play ..xbox only 7Minutes
-Controller has a touch screen. Not gimmicky like Kinect some how.
-Better Multiplat for having the better Specs
and very easy to work with
(It's not ps3/360 because both was almost the same but ps3 was hard to work with )
-Controller that don't need Batteries like Xbox D-Pab
-Line up consists of more Indie games than AAA games.
-Free Party Chat unlike xbox where you have to pay for it
-Gaikai cloud streaming service
-Vita remote control feature
-Ps Camera (Which is not forced like Kinect 2.0 SPY)
-The best 1st/2nd party Support since ps1
-Ps4 is very Dev Friendly so no more lame ports
-Multi-screen functionality
-offer both Indie and AAA support
and still much more to come
-2000 friend limit for party chat while xbox only 1000
-Cheaper by 100$ more than xbox

it really simple
Ps4 have all the advantages and no disadvantages at all
but keep telling your self other wise
to sleep better

keep bring the same wrong article that was proven wrong like 100000 times already
what a sad life you guys have

BitbyDeath3719d ago

@Spoons your list is a bit biased.
Both consoles are looking good especially now that MS has down a few 180's on the negatives.

Lets break down your One list though.

"Integrated t.v.; Integrated internet; Xbox movies" - PS4 does that.

"Azure cloud computing" - PS4 has Gakai, they will both offer great things. eg with Gakai you can remote into any PS4 and play a game on that system without even owning the title.

"Kinect 2.0" - Meet PS4Eye, same thing different packaging.

"Re-designed controller" - PS4 controller is redesigned too, also with improved rumble, among other things.

"Better line up" - Firstly that is subjective and secondly we don't even know the full line up for either system.

"More AAA games than Indie games" - Xbox will get Indie games now after the recent changes in policy.

"Every Xbox is a developer kit and can be used for modding" - PS3 already did modding and PS4 likely will too but it is up to the developers and few want to go that route as DLC provides them with an extra income.

"Multi-screen functionality" - PS4 has that too.

"Hdmi Input AND output" - One feature PS4 doesn't have.

"unlimited cloud storage" - PS4 has cloud storage, how much is not yet known.

So as you can see they are a lot more alike than you know.

Dude Dutch3719d ago

Welcome Spoons, joined almost a day ago

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NimblePlay3719d ago

Xbox One

1.23TFLOPS locally + 3 times it's power in the cloud (3.69TFLOPS) = 4.92TFLOPS of RAW computing power.




Xbox One is 2.6 times more powerful than a PS4.

The power of the cloud will allow extra graphics components to be streamed to you console.
Streamed characters, streamed polygons to boost visual fidelity, high resolution textures streamed trough the cloud, avatar level CGI graphics possible with more horse power than a GeForce titan (4.5TFLOPS).

The Xbox One = 499$ for 4.92TFLOPS of pure power
PS4 = 399.99$ for 1.84TFLOPS (WEAKKK!!!)
GeForce titan = 999.99$ for 4.5TFLOPS (WAY to expensive)

The Xbox One will dominate next-gen gaming.

BG115793719d ago

If you include the lag, what do you obtain?
You know what lag is right?

Dude Dutch3719d ago

Welcome young apprentice. (Joined 2 Days ago........)

CC-Tron3716d ago

Actually MS never revealed how many TFLOPS were in their console.

solidt123719d ago

All of these games have been added to the PS4 Launch game list. All MMO's

Planetside 2
DC Universe Online
Blacklight retribution
War Thunder

DonFreezer3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Put it simple guys. If I get a next gen console since I have other things to concentrate I'm getting an Xbox One hands down.It's even laughing to talk about games.Microsoft has showed 7 exclusive AAA games at E3 with Sony showing 1. And this is the sole reason we should choose a system. If we take multimedia , cloud computing and kinect(witch cry all you want looks cool) ps4 is sure in a very hard place.

DonFreezer3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Yeah disagree because Sony didn't show 1 new exclusive.

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Garethvk3719d ago

That is a very interesting take on it. It is also one that can and will change over time as I think both will have new features and abilities over time with software updates. Look at the PS 3 they added 3D tech to their Blu-ray player via a software update which opened up new options in gaming for those with a 3D monitor or TV, Microsoft had their updates as well which enabled new features. All of which over time makes both systems very different now than they were when they launched.

shibster883719d ago

I have a laptop an internet 3d tv and a sky box soooooooo............basically an xbox isnt need for me as with maybe 80% of normal people so ps4 will fit in nicely, the only reason people want an xbox is to show off and be lazy

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n4rc3719d ago

For me, Xbox offers more.

I think the cloud and kinect offer some cool possibilities. And $100 is nothing once you factor in the type of money you'll typically spend over the life of the console.

My .02

dcj05243719d ago

Depens on what you want. PS4 offers more value to the gamer (PS+, more indie games, more free to play games). XBOX ONE is the perfect all in one box. All your entertainment right there. Of couse PS4 have it too but I'm lead to beleive it won't be as fleshed out as the X1. What do you guys think?

n4rc3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I get what your saying but have a question for you and Sony..

Who ever said what you get with PS+ for the ps4? They currently give you games that are a year or two old and aren't selling anymore. Not a dig at the games themselves but thats a fact.

They aren't going to be giving you new ps4 games and there are no older games to offer.. All that's left are demos and indies they have bought outright to offer customers..

I just see the same argument of value used.. But I really hope Sony buyers aren't expecting 50+ ps4 games a year.

Full games may show back up but not for a few years

dcj05243719d ago

Free game per month. Why would I pay for demos? Its for online multiplayer, free game trials and free ganes/ disscounts.

n4rc3719d ago

What game is what I'm saying.. Drive club is essentially a demo of a first party game.

They cant give you full games if they don't exist.. Or just came out a month earlier.

If you understand that.. Then its all good.. I'm not trying to start anything.. Just making sure people realize PS+ can not operate the way it does for ps3. The library just isn't there yet

XabiDaChosenOne3719d ago

You are getting a good majority of the game with drive club, you are trying to paint the offer in a negative connotation by labeling it a "demo" but that is irrelavant since for a demo you get a good chunk of the game. I can also see Sony doing this for alot of games through out this year. By this time next year every launch game for the PS4, and just to put that into perspective just a couple of the launch titles.
Killzone SF
Assassins Creed:BF
These games will be available on the IGC so no, it won't take a "couple years".

jambola3719d ago

x-com was free this month and thats only 6 months old