Kotaku's Ninja Gaiden II Impressions: Bloodbath

The combat system used in the game is surprisingly complex. It seems, at first blush, to be all about button mashing, but it didn't take Kotaku long to realize that button mashing just leads to having your katana handed to you. Instead you have to keep a careful eye on the timing of your attacks, something easier said than done in the game since most attacks come in waves. If you're not careful you'll be quickly dragged down and stabbed, beaten, or kicked repeatedly.

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Jim Crowslaw4478d ago

I love developers who purposely make they games naturally hard.....this is how u filter out ppl who just play games and call themselves gamers from actual gamers.

wageslave4478d ago

I agree to a degree.

I actually like to feel like my *actions* are having an affect on my progress. Not just "mash x for 10minutes per level".

If Kotaku's description is accurate (i loathe kotaku frankly) than this is very good news.

replikka4478d ago

i finished the one on xbox1 on hard. im a pro