European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending April 5th, 2008

VGChartz estimates that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending April 5th, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

DSL: 166,202 (149,790)
Wii: 125,075 (115,417)
PS3: 115,712 (150,420)
360: 75,708 (91,739)
PSP: 52,143 (91,739)
PS2: 44,384 (48,227)

UK Total:

Wii: 44,844 (41,058)
DSL: 40,197 (35,688)
PS3: 29,324 (39,341)
360: 23,285 (30,631)
PSP: 7,250 (7,586)
PS2: 6,496 (7,176)

France Total:

DSL: 30,774 (28,391)
Wii: 30,176 (28,826)
PS3: 17,665 (24,827)
PSP: 5,182 (5,492)
360: 5,060 (6,813)
PS2: 4,794 (5,131)

Spain Total:

PS3: 14,750 (19,888)
DSL: 13,099 (12,245)
PSP: 9,176 (8,886)
Wii: 7,379 (7,172)
PS2: 5,502 (5,738)
360: 3,218 (3,770)

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SUP3R4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

PS3 sold almost as much as Wii this week.
Seems the GT5P bundle is working out positively.
Can't wait to see the numbers for GTAIV and MGS4 bundles.

sonarus4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

they outsold wii last week. Once again this mysterious "other" region gives microsoft a boost allowing them to outsell the ps3 lol. I just love vgchartz.

@ttsup3r, take those numbers for exactly what they are rumors. Assuming the usual trend of underestimated ps3 sales by vg, it is pretty impressive. They were getting like 100,000 weekly that is a 400,000 month in europe alone.

SUP3R4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

Yeah but I was expecting it to be a one week thing for the Prologue launch, but at an estimated 10,000 units less it's still very impressive.
I've ignored the others region for awhile now. I have no idea who these "other" are so I can't take their numbers seriously.

Fishy Fingers4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

Well there 45 countries in Europe, VGC only list 6 that i can see. I guess your "other" is in there somewhere.

sonarus4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

yea but all the listed countries under europe, ps3 outsells but mysteriously the unlisted ones ps3 doesn't outsell.

Whether you care or not, you have to admit it seems a little "fishy" lol

Fishy Fingers4237d ago

well I dont really care who outsells who. I'm just saying there's a lot more to Europe than the few countries VGC devote a nice colourful chart to.

The Lazy One4237d ago

I think others might include south america and parts of asia that aren't japan.

The Killer4237d ago

is it because of price difference?

Doctor Who4237d ago

Very Impressive:P Glad Ps3 is getting some good news now:)

season0074237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

in other alone it has sold more than 1million console, very impressive

and more than impressive is that, close to one third of sales of xbox360 is from the region other 2xxxx/7xxxx

Cyrus3654237d ago

Other regions I think include certain parts of Africa, and India, and eastern europe. (Just a guess though..)

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HarryEtTubMan4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

WOW PS3 is PWNING the FLOPbox by almost 200,000 a month JUST IN Europe now. Ouch BOTS.

I know it hurts. Just know it's second year now and the King is getting ready to come from behind and de-throne the unworthy RRODbox.

Xbox 360 is flopping in sales. At least it beat the 8-year-old Playstation 2 this week LMAO....I guess the pricecut worked ;).


Phil Harrison Mklll4237d ago

is that it?????????????? PATHETIC! GOOD! DIE Microsoft![I WISH!]

chaosatom3334237d ago

what would happen if they had no price-cut.

Doctor Who4237d ago

It would be -

PS3: 115,712
360: 75


SUP3R4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

Why isn't the price drop helping the 360?
It's as cheap as a Wii yet numbers keep going down each week.

Skaterboy Tell Em4237d ago

Because European's are smart enough not to buy a POS console.

PSWe604237d ago

You're being sarcastic right?

abuze4237d ago

Then I don't understand why is the Wii still doing better...

My primary choice is the PS3, but if I am to choose an equal priced system between the 360 and Wii, that would be the 360 (even with its RROD risk).

They are both almost identical in price. Everything from game pad, gameplay and gfx, the 360 owns the Wii. And that is why I choose 360 to continue this war against Playstation 3 and not the Wii.

The Wii is just lagging both true consoles.

In comparison, Xbox 360 falls short against the Playstation 3.
In comparison, Nintendo Wii falls short against the Xbox 360.

The Wii just needs to die! I'm serious...

theredfoxisquick4237d ago

It's because Europeans are smarter consumers. They do not want to buy a piece of sh!t console. Hence why the PS3 sells more.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4237d ago
Skaterboy Tell Em4237d ago

Vgcharts is still off by at least 1 million on ps3 worldwide sales,ps3 should be around 12.5M now. Vgcharts is a JOKE!

chaosatom3334237d ago

even vgcharts can't deny ps3 sales anymore.

Kaz Hirai4237d ago

You hear that, PIGS? I'm laughing at your "console"!
Look how terribly it's FLOPPING! This is hilarious! I think I'm going to PASS OUT with laughter! King Kaz just cannot BELIEVE how badly it's FAILING! Even with a price cut!!!
That's one good thing about the Xbox 360- it ALWAYS makes me laugh!