Rumour: Football Manager 2014 Substituting PSP for Vita

Push Square: "If you prefer your footie games to be riddled with statistics rather than bicycle kicks, you may already be doing a Mourinho over the rumours that Football Manager 2014 could be picking sides with the PlayStation Vita. Online retailer listed the title for the handheld earlier this afternoon, before pulling the page. Fortunately, we managed to nab a screen grab of a cached version of the product listing via the online store’s Brazilian subsidiary, which is embedded above."

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r212177d ago

I suppose it is kinda sad. PSP wont be getting the game. Oh well, better pastures on the vita.

SaffronCurse2177d ago

I think this guy must of read the opposite of the title and thought they were working on the Psp rather than the Vita.

teezy2177d ago

If I play FM I normally do it on PC rather than any other device.

dark-hollow2177d ago

This. The non PC version is have very few features of the full FM game on the PC.

Smoey2177d ago

Hopefully with a more powerful system it will contain all features. I'd rather play this on my hand held than on my PC.

mcstorm2177d ago

Ide like to see this game on the WiiU as it would be interesting.