Exclusive: Internal EA Survey Shows Boosts in Employee Satisfaction & Morale

Gabrielle Toledano, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at EA, has revealed results of a worldwide EA employee survey, indicating much confidence in EA's vision.

The days of "EA Spouse" (later revealed to be Erin Hoffman) are now just a distant memory for the leading publisher. EA has shared exclusively with GameDaily BIZ the results of its latest global workforce survey (called the Talk Back Survey) – taken in December 2007 – which it feels is proof positive that the company has been making strides and that the vast majority of its worldwide employees are confident in EA and happy to work there.

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Kulupoo3847d ago

a slight boost from "Zomg half of us gonna get fired by the end of the year" to "meh maybe only a quarter of us is gonna get fried"
well good to know... now make better game plz~

hotrider123846d ago

Ea need to make better games