Amazon pulls Metal Gear Solid 4 box art

After appearing on over the weekend, the unofficial box art for the U.S. version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has mysteriously been pulled off the mega-retailer's site.

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AlterEgo4237d ago

I pray they release a different boxart than that render for the US

I mean...of course the disc inside is what's TRULY important

but I'm an artist and I like Shinkawa's work

and also think that consistency and continuity are important.

(i'm in the US btw)

Mainman4237d ago

I actually like this version. I also liked the sketch that was first released (Japanese version is gonna be like this?).

But, I dont like the European boxart sketch though. I am European myself.

Storm234237d ago

But I thought they showed the MGS4 bundle with the same box-art?

I agree, I hope they change it to look similar to the other territories, but it is not that important. I just want to play that game!!!!!!!!