PSBeyond: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Review

PSBeyond have given their view on the latest title by Square-Enix.

Crisis Core begins in the Training room with two of the games leading characters, SOLDIER first class Angeal and SOLDIER second class Zack, the main protaganist of Crisis Core, the prequel to the 1997 hit, Final Fantasy VII. Though Zack's fate is predetermined, a few times when you think you've reached the end of the game, you may be reassuringly suprised to know that you have that extra bit more to uncover and a prelonged section to master...

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meepmoopmeep4241d ago

i'm 75% through and it's an amazing prequel so far. i really like the new dodge and block feature in the battle system and i hope they can somehow put that in future FF games. (though it will be extremely hard if you're playing with a party of characters) but it adds a more action feel to the game which i really like.

the cameos are short for most but 'the story with the church girl' is endearing so far.
wow, VII really had some serious love triangles man.

sumfood4u4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Like Ratchet & Clank Size matter did from the psp version to the PS2 like Wishes can happen!

PS360WII4241d ago

It's a great story and I like making materia. Good score