Identity Crisis: What Makes Someone A "Gamer"

GR: Compared to other forms of entertainment, video games are relatively young. Despite the fact that they've grown in popularity exponentially over the past several years, games have still been walled off from the likes of movies and television, and compartmentalized into a category of their own. A category that is believed to be dominated by pimply nerds and adult men living in their parents' basements. However, that stereotype couldn't be more inaccurate, as people of all ages and walks of life are engaging in games.

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iamnsuperman2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Like they said on gametrailers's bonus round (I don't usual watch it I was very bored):

Someone who calls himself a gamer uses it as a badge of honor......Like a foody. We all eat food but people who call themselves foodies are doing so to show how much they really like it

They are right they said everyone is a gamer but the ones who calls themselves gamers do so as a badge to show others they are really into it

Zuperman2776d ago

GAMER = A Human who plays video games.

Godlovesgamers2776d ago

I think people who go around touting they're gamers are just looking for a title that makes them feel good, but really at the end of the day, who cares? I think people care more about what kind of person you are than what you're in to.

Root2776d ago

Who cares? A lot of people.

It's a hobby we like, some people like myself arn't that good at many things in life but when it comes to media like products like TV, Film and Video Games it's something that clicks. People who do art call themselfs artists, people who are a fan of football with their favorite team go around saying they are <insert team name here> fans so why can't gamers be the same

The thing which bugs me the most is that these days gaming has become so main stream that every one goes around calling themselfs a gamer and it's a tad insulting.

A gamer in my opinion is someone who not only plays games and likes them...but is very knowledgeable in that field. But as I've said it seems a lot of people go round these days saying they are one when you know they aren't and are just doing it for the sake of it.

CourierSix2776d ago

While I agree with most of what you said, I don't think someone who calls themselves a gamer should have to know a great deal in the gaming field. Personally I'm not really knowledgeable about the industry, but I can appreciate everything that goes into the industry and certainly what comes out. I like being known as a gamer and not just other guy who just plays COD or Battlefield.

caseh2776d ago

It's the people who go around touting they are 'hardcore gamers' that annoy me. In todays console market there is no hardcore outside of gamers who enter competitions with the aim of finding sponsors, making a living out of it.

The rest of us are mere 'core' gamers, the mainstream. We play whats popular and well known, because the internet has simply made the world a smaller place so nothing slips between the gaps like it used to.

Hardcore used to be importing a game from a foreign country, in a language you didn't even understand just so you could play it. Paying top dollar for Neo-Geo AES carts, because you wanted an authentic arcade experience.

It never applied to playing Fifa and CoD with 12 year olds.

dcj05242776d ago

I dont play whats popular. I play what I enjoy playing. If it happens to be popular well so be it.

Pillsbury12776d ago

I would say gamers are those who actively participate in playing games and are knowledgable about them and are immersed in gaming.

andreasx2776d ago

the people who play CoD all day


JohnCartenper2776d ago

Only a non-gamer would tout around he's a gamer.

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