Shedding Some Light on Operation Darkness; Trailer

Operation Darkness is not your typical U.S. Xbox 360 release. Developed by Tokyo-based Success Corp. and published in Japan in October 2007, the turn-based strategy game is actually making its way to Western shores this summer, courtesy of publishers Atlus and SEGA.

IGN first got a peek at Operation Darkness at the Tokyo Game Show last year and were intrigued by its supernatural World War II storyline, bazooka-toting werewolves and squad-based tactical strategy gameplay.

There's a demo of Operation Darkness coming to Xbox Live on May 5, but IGN are impatient. So they recently cornered Operation Darkness editor Jason Ruper, project lead Sammy Matsushima and Atlus spokesman Aram Jabbari to talk about Operation Darkness' cover system, alternate history storyline, monstrous armies are more.

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PS360WII4243d ago

This game looks crazy enough to be good! WWII rpg fighting nazi's and undead with guns and magic. Along with 4 player co-op what's not to like ^^

OC_MurphysLaw4243d ago

I have been waiting to see more on this game. Looking very promising.

destroyah4243d ago

Is Atlus retarded? Do they not realize that games like this only sell well in Japan?

And another thing, who do all their 360 games look like PS2 games?