Dragon’s Crown Was Rejected by Capcom Before Landing at UTV Ignition

Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown seems to be doing really well in Japan, and it’s definitely on the radar of many gamers in the west as well. Considering that, you’d think publishers were eager to put their brand on it, but that’s not the case. Not only the original publisher of the game UTV Ignition Entertainment dropped the project before it was finally picked up by Atlus, but it turns out that it was also rejected by Capcom.

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nick3093981d ago

They published remember me , but no this, capcom you fail so hard.

Abriael3981d ago

Both Capcom and Sega lost a lot of my respect this generation. Namco Bandai is on the edge, ready to jump as well.

nick3093981d ago

Namco do fine because they publish dbz , naruto, JoJo, one piece, saint seiya.

Sega ditched yakuza and im waiting for some translation from youtbers , played kenzan and the hd collection with youtube. They only wanna publish rhytm games now sadly.not that they are bad games, but fans will know the point.

Abriael3981d ago

@nick309: they take WAY too much to localize their JRPGs in the west, when they even do.

More than a year to localize any game is simply unacceptable, no matter how much text it has.

caseh3981d ago

Sega still have their moments, at least we got Yakuza 4 without anything removed.

Also have to say Binary Domain would place somewhere in a top 10 for me this gen, well maybe a top 20. :)

Reibooi3980d ago

Sega lost my respect when they moved Valkyria to PSP and then basically didn't bother bring the series to the US anymore.

As far as Namco Bandai I always kinda thought that the reason the games took so freakishly long to come out in the US after they were announced was because they were taking their time with the localization and saving money in the process. One has to remember they make very little if any money on any of their RPG's in the US so truthfully I'm just happy we get some of them at all.(Although I am still somewhat bitter of my fav tales game not getting the PS3 version released) I would rather have a long as wait and get the game then just never get it.

That said I do agree it's annoying they take so long but at least we already know Xillia 2 is coming and we won't be left hanging on that since Xillia is coming out next month.

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-Mika-3981d ago

Remember me was a good game...

nick3093981d ago

Decent at best, got to episode 5 and understood it wasnt good, the slow combat, barely have enough space to perform combos & they break from any small attack. Story was the good in it.

Abriael3981d ago

It had highs and lows. I would say it was a decent game.

bicfitness3981d ago

It should have been a $20 digital title. That's not an insult, but consumers would have received it better. There's just too many fantastic games to choose from at this point in a generation to pay full price for something that is "okay".

young7yang3981d ago

loved the premise but the game-play was broken.. it really ruined the flow of the game.

Cable2kx3981d ago

Agreed the game was ok it lost its appeal about midway thought

NeoTribe3981d ago

Game was very mediocre.

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jc485733981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Head Capcom: doesn't this game remind you of Dungeons and Dragons?

Capcom staff: yea, kinda does.

Head Capcom: I think we can make more profit if we simply re-release Dungeons and Dragons.

Capcom staff: isn't that game kinda old?

Head Capcom: It's not our first time. Look at MVC2, Final Fight, etc. We save so much if we simply port those games.

Capcom staff: great idea!

Head Capcom: Go ahead and reject Dragon's Crown.


Head Capcom: See what I told you? We saved over 900,000 dollars just porting Dungeons and Dragons. Good thing we rejected Dragon's Crown.

Capcom staff: Dragon's Crown is out of stock everywhere else.

Head Capcom: Nobody is going to remember that game. Didn't you hear about Atlus' parent company bankruptcy filing? Maybe it's just a limited run of copies.


Me: It is a FACT that Dungeons and Dragons was a cash in opportunity.

Abriael3981d ago

Me: I'm ready to bet you that it made a fraction of what Dragon's Crown will make.

jujubee883981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

It's a title going to VITA. A good one too. I mean, logically of course Capcom are not going to do that. Tsk, what are you crazy? Do you want Capcom to have a happy, hardcore user base like that?


jujubee883981d ago

@nick309: I know. I just neglected to mention it in my original post to make a point that Capcom is hating on vita.

Hopefully, my point came across well.

showtimefolks3981d ago

capcom only want countless sequels and want to keep releasing the same game 2-3 times with different characters for $39.99

i bought asura wrath a while back and was so surprised that after paying full price, i had to pay extra for DLC which contained the actual ending to the game

i don't buy capcom games new, i rather give my money to someone on ebay or even gamestop before i give it to capcom, and its so sad that theyy use to be one of the fan favorite publishers

than this gen happened, greed took over and on disk dlc top what is a DLC pack expansion or a whole game all together

knifefight3981d ago

What's also worth note is that Capcom did NOT publish Remember Me in Japan. That game has no release date for Japanese stores. Kind of a bummer for Japan.

ZodTheRipper3981d ago

^yes it does. It would have been a good game in 2010.

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Majin-vegeta3981d ago

Thank god or other wise scamcom would be charging us just to look at those magumbos.

Abriael3981d ago

In before Skimpy costume pack :D

...More skimpy I mean.

admiralvic3981d ago

While Capcom has had some questionable DLC practices in the past, they've not all been awful.

Monster Hunter had free missions, E.X. Troopers had free missions and costumes, Lost Planet 2 had free costumes, Street Fighter updates (that add characters and things) are only $15 versus $40 like BlazBlue or extremely over priced like a lot of DLC characters, etc.

Also there are worse companies too...

ARC System Works charges for pallet swaps, different announcers, and of course glasses in Persona 4 the Arena. Gearbox asks $10 dollars for a single new character, who I doubt takes as much effort to add as a DLC pack (which also cost $10 dollars). Sony went to town on Uncharted 3 DLC costumes, PlayStation All-Star mascots, Starhawks DLC spam fest and of course all the stuff for R&C Full Frontal Assault.

No one is perfect, but don't pretend that Capcom has the worst practices (though the SF X T DLC was just pathetic on their part!).

CrescentFang3981d ago

I wonder how much all that Idolmaster DLC is in Japan... I don't think NBGI could get away with that outside Japan though.

Tetsujin3981d ago

If Capcom had this, they would have strict DRM, and charge DLC just to play offline co-op.

I already have this game on pre-order, at Evo 2013 I played this game multiple times and it reminded me of Guardian Heroes for Sega Saturn.

XtraTrstrL3981d ago

LOL @ Capcom. Hopefully they pull their heads out their asses and start getting back on track. Now that Ono is already talking about being interested in SF5, I don't want it being done with the current mentality they have with $$$ DLC. They'll end up locking half the game content away as on-disc $$DLC that they'll swear was created on a separate DLC budget. I can't stand that crap, just focus on getting everything you can in the $60 game up until release. Then work on $$ DLC if you like.