PS3 Formats

Sony is clearly intent on making the PS3 the all-in-one hub for your home entertainment. A new list of media formats supported by the system right out of the box includes a variety of hard and digital formats, and should satisfy the needs of just about everyone.

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Siesser4466d ago

h.264. That's good. Hopefully you can download other codecs as well on it; as it stands now, I'll be able to play all of my anime but that in .mkv and .ogg formats, which isn't too large a percentage of it.

USMChardcharger4466d ago

it plays games right? man o man all this stuff they keep saying this thing supports.

i don't get it all. most people won't. but people that are more computer savey will...i guess.

Siesser4466d ago

It's just kind of a "perks" thing I guess, assuring those people that intend for it to be some sort of "media center," that it will accept all forms of media that they have. I've got 178 gigs of anime that I've always had to watch on my pc monitor. If I wanted to watch it on a tv, I'd have to burn 4 episodes to a DVD and then watch it, and hope that it came out formatted properly. This way, I can just send any file over and view it on my widescreen tv instead. It's by no means an essential feature, but it's a nice thing to have; I'm actually looking forward to the media capabilities just as much as the games. That's why wi-fi was important to me; so that I can get the files to and from the system from my computer easily.

Also, I've bought a lot of music from iTunes, so hearing that it'll accept ACC is good as well.

12Volt4466d ago

You know you could just get a PC-to-TV box for 60$ and watch your anime on your TV.. but I agree i'll be delighted to play ALL my media from my PS3

USMChardcharger4465d ago

what's there to disagree with? the part where i said, "most people want get it"?

if so, ok i would not get it. better?

if you disagree with what i said...explain like Kevmac83 did. it would help me understand.

Arkham4465d ago

178GB of anime? Man, that must have been *expensive*. Har. And you wonder why entertainment costs are the way they are. GMAB.

Siesser4465d ago

I never said I didn't buy anime as well. I have an extensive DVD collection too; most of what's on my computer I can't buy in stores here. When they do release stateside, I get them.

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kmis874466d ago

Let's hope we start to see some more bluray movies encoded in h.264 and a lot less encoded as mpeg2 by the time launch rolls around.

Boink4466d ago

hopefully this will force MS to support more formats...divx would will satisfy most:)

whateva4466d ago

theMart must be sleep he will say something like where is wmv it can't play wmv what if all My movies are in wmv or I just want to play games blah blah blah

Arkham4465d ago

Don't forget the PS3's complete lack of 360-compatibility. I mean, come ON. What were they thinking by not including that? Surely that would've actually REDUCED the price and added a ball-shaver! Har.

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The story is too old to be commented.