'Ni No Kuni', 'God of War: Ascension', more dropped to $20 at Best Buy this week

XMNR: Several Playstation 3 exclusive titles are marked down to $19.99 for the week of Sunday, July 28 at Best Buy including Ni No Kuni: Warth of the White Witch and God of War: Ascension. The retailer also has some multi-platform games such as Rocksmith, The Walking Dead, and Call of Duty at the same price as well.

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Dunpeal1910d ago

that shouldn't even be a question brosnap

crxss1910d ago

@ 19.99 it's a no brainer

T21910d ago

I just gotta know. I downloaded ni no kuni demo for my gf.... No walkthrough , no instructions , she gets to first fight , gets wasted retries, same thing . I step in get wasted , wtf? Is the whole game this unforgiving ?? Im an rpg veteran ....

Dunpeal1910d ago

@ joecanada

memory might be a bit fuzzy but if you're talking about the fight right after you get your wand and travel to drippy's world then you shouldn't be having problems. i rarely got ridiculously overpowered. if all else fails check youtube walkthroughs, but overall, no the game is not unforgiving

Army_of_Darkness1910d ago

I killed ni no kuni demo my first attempt, sure i got overwhelmed at first cause of the sudden boss battle, but i gathered myself and did what i would do with any other jrpg... run around till i have a plan!! Lol!
Love the game! Well worth the $50

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dedicatedtogamers1910d ago

Should've gotten it on Day One, brah!

Actually, what's pathetic is that I got it Day One but I haven't beaten it yet ;_;

Too many other games distracted me. I think I got my first NPC companion (the girl) and then I bought FE Awakening and ONTO THE SHELF IT GOES with Ni No Kuni.

Dunpeal1910d ago

for your penance, you are now required to platinum that bad boy

Salooh1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Man , just imagine Dark cloud 3 , it's more of action style and people love that in rpg games. Anyone who liked Ni no kuni will love dark cloud more.

The only part in ni no that i admire over dark cloud is that the story focus on the mother side ;) . I think they should do the same to dark cloud 3 that if it ever came. You would never give justis to your mother so the same theme would be great ^^

I dunno why but i'm having a feeling that naught dog will do that theme too after i played the last of us..

kreate1910d ago

The game only gets better.

Derekvinyard131910d ago

Dammit I was hoping bioshock would be on this list, prolly not gonna go down till Black Friday now

Black-Helghast1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Bioshock is cheap at gamestop, got it for 30$. Havent really played it that much but the game looks amizing.

roadkillers1910d ago

I'll never forget Drippy's voice. It's the kind of game that you forget about until you hear or see something like it. To me it feels like this game came out ages ago. Does that make it a timeless classic?

Outside_ofthe_Box1910d ago

Dang, I just bought it not too long ago for 40 bucks. I should have waited.

kreate1910d ago

Me too. I thought this game wouldn't go down in price cuz other jrpgs don't go down very much.

NeoTribe1910d ago

Don't feel bad man I bought sleeping dogs for 50 bucks recently and than it was on ps network for free not even a month later. Worst part is I don't even like it lol.

ABeastNamedTariq1910d ago

Heck yeah it is! I'm about to go pick that up soon now. I was at GameStop today to get a PSN card (for Persona and Chrono Trigger) and I saw the case today. I was like, "Damn, I want that. If only it wasn't $40. This is sweet.

levian1910d ago

Damn, these sales are only in the USA! Waiting on some sales here in Canada..

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maniacmayhem1910d ago

Time to go and get Ni No Kuni. I rented it from gamefly and never finished it. 20 bux is a steal for a great game like that.

PablitoPaperito1910d ago

I'll wait for them to be on PSN+ for free.. yes I'm spoiled but it's Sony's fault

badboy7761910d ago

Twisted Metal needs to be on PS Plus.

BlaqMagiq241910d ago

That won't be till at least next year. They already said they don't put full retail games on the IGC unless they've been released for a year.

PablitoPaperito1910d ago

It's ok, I still have plenty to play!

MajorLazer1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I really enjoyed the Ni No Kuni demo and I would have jumped on this deal had I not have about 8 games from PS+ and about 3 retail games. That and the fact that only America get this deal :(

Skate-AK1910d ago

Man. I just bought Ni No Kuni for $35 like a week ago.

Aghashie1910d ago

hahaha! sorry to hear about that. still a great game @ a fair price. don't feel bad... I payed full @ release :)

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