Resistance 2 teaser trailer arriving this Friday

PSU writes:

"The increasingly popular GameTrailers TV has lined up several awesome exclusives for this Friday's episode, including the debut of the first Resistance 2 trailer."

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HarryEtTubMan3942d ago

"Teaser" trailer. Aw man. Its not going to show much. At least we get to see a piece of the Epic masterpiece that will Be ResisTANCE 2!!

Kaz Hirai3942d ago

The best game of the year! Alongside MGS4, Tekken 6, LBP, Killzone 2 and the SUPERIOR version of GTA4!
Sony Soldiers- bow to your King! I'm about to give you the greatest year of your lives!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 43942d ago

Yep;) SUPERIOR Version of GTA4 (+Exclusive PS3 DLC) ;-P
(+HOME Exclusive Content) ;-P
And MotorStorm 2;)

GiantEnemyCrab3942d ago

You fishheads are such bad liars its not even funny. Please do not point to that FAKE article that even the author said was a lie to back up your argument.

The superior version of GTA IV is on the Xbox 360 not the CRAPSTATION (tm). Better performance, colors and the real kicker the exclusive episodic content that will leave the fishheads scrambling.

Ah, yes R2 is going to murder Gears 2, just like you fishheads said RFOM would murder Gears, we all know how pityful that contest was eh? LOL I am so sorry that you being in last place has messed up your brain so much you are dillusional. POS3 games are flops.

The king has fallen! Hooray!

sonarus3942d ago

hmmm i might have to buy don king prize fighter

chaosatom3333942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

looks like someone is listening to us.

cheers to :)

MaximusPrime3942d ago

MotorStorm teaser is good. So will Resistance 2. It will gives us an idea what to expect.

techie3942d ago

I know Insomniac make their own trailers and don't outsource like Evolution.

Fishy Fingers3942d ago

That's somewhat comforting. I don't remember seeing any resistance 1 trailers being CG but I might be wrong.

techie3942d ago

Insomniac don't do CG - I expect they'll use their engine - get it up to what they will want it to look like on release, and then record it at a lower framerate and speed it up for the trailer.

Fishy Fingers3942d ago

I hope your right. I'd certainly settle for that.

kornbeaner3942d ago

Agreed Deep, I expect the same treatment for Resistance 2 trailers that they gave to Ratchet and Clank. All of R and C's trailer were made in house with their engine and Trailers for Resistance 2 should be no different. I love devs like Insomniac, truely gods amongst men.

(But Kojima is Zeus)

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techie3942d ago

HaHa NoUseMercs. Typical. Well done on the quick reporting.