Tony Hawks Project 8 - Nail the Trick Gameplay HD

Try your best to land the ultimate combo and become king of the skatepark.

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Tut4472d ago

The detail on the board was great as well as his clothes. Other than that I didn't really see anything impressive but then again I am not a fan of that series.

One thing that stuck out was the crash animations. Other than the huge cartwheel thing he did that was incredibly fake and unrealistic it didn't look much different, just flashier.

FKN Unbelievable4471d ago

I had the demo for 3 days and i never played i tried today amd felt a difference in the control with the Nail the trick and trust me this game is good. I'm not a Tony Hawk buff but this one seems good.

Tut4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Awesome. I played the original Tony Hawk when I used to skateboard and I loved it. It became repetitive for me though.

I will give it a shot for sure. That "Nail the Trick" thing seems interesting enough, plus the crash animations are comical though that cartwheel thing is disturbing. Plus, I love being a badass at games like that and whipping out insane tricks while my friends watch in awe.

It definitely won't be on the top of my list of games to get asap though. It's just not my style. Hopefully one of my friends will buy it and I can get a nice sample of it on a weekend or something. =P