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One of the many inventions from the mind of Shigeru Miyamoto, Pikmin was based around the idea of little helpers providing assistance around the garden. The leap from imagination to reality was more than just a smooth one, with both Pikmin and Pikmin 2 on GameCube hitting all the right notes, building up a strong following in a short time. It was such a shame that the third game never transpired, despite being mentioned in interviews shortly after the release of the second title. Wii U is here, though, and along with it the belated Pikmin 3. Should fans of old still be excited?
Adam and Jorge explore the world of Pikmin 3 in a collaborative effort for survival.

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shibster881935d ago

9/10 wtf 0/10 id say pfffft.

guitarded771935d ago

Why, have you played it? I'm guessing your just trolling.

Personally, I can't wait to try it. The reviews have all been good so far.

akaihana86plus1935d ago

Go back to your cage!, are you having fun trolling Nintendo articles and gamers?, i give you a -10 out of 10, you kinda try way too hard, you should at least be more natural you know?

Perjoss1935d ago

Perhaps you could give us some reasons why you'd score it so low, like a micro review. That is if you have really played it.

thomasmiller1934d ago

this troll is just mad, because sony and microsoft, COULD NEVER MAKE A GAME THIS GOOD!!!JUST ignor the little troll, and enjoy the game!! it is fantastic!!! this is one of nintendo's best franchises, and that's saying alot!! just ignore the trolls... trolls say nintendo is for kids, but ever notice it's the same trolls who act like five year olds?? GET A LIFE AND GROW UP!!

guitarded771934d ago

You're the same as him. You can call him out on his BS, but you go on to say something just as ridiculous. You are no different than shibster88.

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dark-hollow1935d ago

Time to blow the dust out of my Wii U.

jaymart2k1935d ago

I already did. Been playing Earthbound & Luigi U.

The dust blew off a few weeks ago. Now there's games coming out every few weeks.

Yes Wii U finally has games to play.

mcstorm1935d ago

I agree the Wiiu line up between now and march next year is good. I have pikmin 3 and ive never played one before and I have to say I am loving this game. It is one of the most fun games I've played and even though it looks like a kids game I think its far from it. For me everyone who loves Nintendo games should pick this up even coc fans will love this game.

GreenRanger1935d ago

Is this like Animal Crossing?

akaihana86plus1935d ago

More like Wonderful 101 and Little king story, or should i say, W101 is more like Pikmin X3

dark-hollow1935d ago

It's a sort RTS action adventure game were you manage a little group of 100 pikmins each with their own unique abilities like fire resistance, rock body to break tough walls etc.

Williamson1935d ago

Graphics look really good.

dark-hollow1935d ago

Nintendo vibrant artsyle in HD is a sight to behold indeed.

Williamson1935d ago

And it was done with only 1gb of ram?...I have to admit all this ram talk is out of control(Im even guilty to taking part in some) as it was barely brought up before.

CaptainYesterday1935d ago

I know it's a really good looking game can't wait to play it :)

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