Final Fantasy IV dated in North America

Nintendo Power's May issue includes the release date of Final Fantasy IV: According to the magazine the game is scheduled for release in North America sometime in July. No specific date has been given as of yet.

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Silellak4240d ago

I am both interested and potentially terrified in how this will turn out.

Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite games of all time, no question. Though I doubt I'd get a DS just for it, I don't want them to destroy the game, either.

Dear Square:

Please don't rape my chilhood memories.


A long-loyal RPGer

Tony240ZT4240d ago

FFIII was remade very well. I expect good things. If you're looking for other reasons to purchase a DS there is FFXII revenent wings, and III, Chrystal cronicals, anyways, that's what I picked mine up for.

PS360WII4240d ago

FF IV is my favorite of the series so I am stoked about this game finally getting to the States. Have no fear Silellak Square Enix does wonders with the DS they have a great amount of games and time spent on the DS they know how to make a great one on it. It's the FFIV game we all know with the FFIII engine all refined and goodies. Plus I hear they are adding extras from the original that was cut out when first made, so it's even longer than before along with full voice work!

meepmoopmeep4240d ago

i'm uber hyped for this since i've never played IV before. from what i've read and seen it looks amazing. i will definitely be hogging my daughters DS when this is out.

Jikla4240d ago

Never played this game. BUT! I have played 1 and 2 on psp and 3 on ds. And I can't wait to play this on the DS aswell. I just hope it's as good as it original even if I don't have played the original.

I will import from america when it releases since I live in europa and the game probably won't be released in europe before september. -.-

jackdoe4240d ago

First day purchase for me. With new scenarios, actual voice acting(doesn't happen too often for DS games), and a Vocal version of "Song of Love", you cannot go wrong with this game.

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