Orlando Bloom lands lead in Prince of Persia movie

HOLLYWOOD - Movie hunk Orlando Bloom has landed the lead role in Disney's new Prince of Persia adventure trilogy, in a deal reportedly worth $40 million.

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Lucreto3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Oh dear GOD no!

At least he is better than Zac Efron if only marginally.

Lets hope that the trap in the picture is in it.

Genesis53943d ago

Orlando is alright in a movie. I hope that they don't make the next Prince of Persia game look like him though.

Bolts3943d ago

Maybe if they show him being killed again and again by the various spike traps, giant blades and metal jaws, then and only then would I go see this movie.

fenderputty3943d ago

sort of a sword or bow in his hand, he's OK. The second they strip the weaponry from him, his manliness meter goes down about 5 notches.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3943d ago

That is a lot of money... I hope this movie does well it may set the bar to high for Uwe boll to get a job though...

LightningPS33943d ago

They use the same recycled actors over and over.

That's only one of the reasons actually.

Besides, that idiot doesn't even look Persian

FAT MAN GO BOOM3943d ago

No he does not look Persian, I think he would be much better off in one the girly looking males in a Final Fantasy movie...

SUP3R3943d ago

I actually don't mind him playing the prince.
Neither here nor there with this decision, I just hope the movie is tolerable at least.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3943d ago

I think it will turn out ok... at the least...

the movie is really own loosely based on the game... so if the scripted is good it should be an ok movie...

meepmoopmeep3943d ago

with Disney at the wheel this will be a good game-to-movie film, maybe not for the hardcore fans, but for the general public it will be.

Panthers3943d ago

Hardcore fans generally ruin the experience anyways, especially with comic book movies. Always complaining about something.

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The story is too old to be commented.