Viva Pinata: Marketplace videos

Microsoft and Rare released an "interactive video" of Viva Pinata on the Marketplace. The interactivity is limited to choosing a character between 2 three times, so in the end we get 1+6 videos showing some gameplay Xboxyde assembled in one.

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The Milkman4465d ago

Yea it was a cool little video but I wish when they where explaining what you could do that they at least let you try it yourself.

willud4skins4465d ago

i might be getting this game. gonna wait for some user reviews

Alymon4465d ago

The "interactivity" in this video was just a waste. I would've much rather they listed it in the videos section, not the demos section, and took out the button choices and just displayed everything.

FamoAmo4465d ago

I think the demo was on marketplace last night!

TheMART4464d ago

This will sell multiple systems this Christmas. Tell me one game for families/girls/kids on the PS3 that's out there this Christmas that can do the job like this one!