GamesRadar: Has Ninja Gaiden II gone soft?

Tyler Nagata reports:

''Ryu Hayabusa seems angry in Ninja Gaiden II. Really, really angry. Killing foes foolish enough to stand between him and the next save point just isn't enough for the silent killer anymore. This time his bloodlust calls for more than his enemies' lives. It needs their arms, legs and heads too.''

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DarkSniper4246d ago

As stated in the article, Ninja Gaiden was originally known for it's fast paced gameplay and extremely challenging difficulty. It does'nt surprise Dark Sniper one bit that Team Ninja felt the need to tone down the difficulty due to the shoddy intelligence levels of the Microslaves who have played previous iterations.

PLAYSTATION® 3 owners embraced Ninja Gaiden:Sigma with no complaints and enjoyed this title and it's difficulty. Only PLAYSTATION® 3 gamers will be able to enjoy Ninja Gaiden 2 at it's true challenge parameters once this game is ported away from Xbox to PS3.


LightningPS34246d ago

you made me laugh. That was a funny post.

Jack Meahoffer4246d ago

Just like you did with Sigma. When its only on 360 you Sony douches say it sucks but soon as it get ported over to PS3 you love it like Oblivion, Lost Planet and Sigma.

Next year Dark Douche will be posting Sony press releases about how waiting a year for NG2 was worth it because you save 2 seconds per load screen after being forced to install 10gb to the HDD.

devilhunterx4246d ago

@Jack Meahoffer
fanboyism made you blind it seem. No where DS says anything about this game being terrible.

Infact he is absolutely correct. When DMC was PS exclusive, it was a difficult game. When it went mulitplatform the difficulty was dumbed down for the new XB2 crowd.

proArchy4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

no, ps3 owners will never have to endure a 10gb install for a 360 port because 360 games WILL NEVER BE BIGGER THAN 10gb!!! unless we are allowed to install the entire game on our hdd and scrap the disc, which will not happen for years and years

EDIT: i challenge whoever put the disagree to explain themself or show me a 360 game thats more than 10gb

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IQUITN4G4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

I'm getting sick of dumbing down but i can understand why it's needed.

Actually Gaiden isn't all that hard once it all clicks and then you're glad of the harder settings in Black.No doubt Gaiden 2 will have those harding settings too perhaps once completed like black.

Some games though like Mario Galaxy, Zelda Twilight and Windwaker have already proven that being easier isn't what i want games to be like.

I do have faith with Gaiden2 however because it's obvious to Itagaki that that's what it's main fanbase is all about.An increase in audience is never a bad thing though so i can appreciate this approach

GiantEnemyCrab4246d ago

already talked about this. They said they wanted to make the title more accessible but if you simply go into the settings and change it to a more difficult level you will have more challenge than you know what to do with. I would love to see the people calling this game soft play it on the hard difficulty and tell me that it's soft. The game is simply giving those that got their azz kicked so hard in the first one a chance to not get so frustated they put the game down. I am not going to even mention Sigma since it's a POS knock-off.

Funny the fishhead above actually thinks this game will come to the PS3. LOL, what you got was table scraps in Sigma done by an understudy which I'm sure was done due to pressure from the publisher or a fat check from $ony. The dev's don't make their dislike for the Playstation platform a secret.

I would love to have one 360 article where the CRAPSTATION (tm) is not mentioned once.

DarkSniper4246d ago

The mere fact of Mr. Tomonobu Itagaki's understudy producing a vastly more superior game on PLAYSTATION® 3 shows the limitations and barriers that Xbox 360 has. Not only that, Ninja Gaiden II has shown Mr. Itagaki has become complacent and lacks the focus of making a true next generation sequel.

So once again, his understudy will partake on developing the superior PLAYSTATION® 3 port while Tomonobu Itagaki goes off on his quest to rape every single female employee at Tecmo offices.


PimpHandHappy4246d ago

and i also played a bit of the orignal

tell the truth

if you played one you played em all. They are fun but really there not great.

kevoncox4246d ago

Wow 2008 is looking better than 2007.
I can't understand the hate. It's great.

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