X360 Version Of Wii Remote Has Been In Development Since Summer, Source Exclusively Tells MTV News

If everything goes according to plan, Microsoft's response to Nintendo's Wii will appear before the end of the year, a developer who has been briefed on the project told MTV News. The Xbox 360 manufacturer has been working on its own version of the motion-controlled Wii remote since last summer, the developer said.

Since Nintendo's Wii became a global sensation and Sony launched a PS3 controller that is also motion-sensitive, rumors have reverberated through the gaming industry that Microsoft would create a motion-controller of its own.

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LightningPS34244d ago

I'm not sure that's gonna work for a real gamers console like 360.

That waggle stuff is for a gimmick console. What 360 games you want to play with the Wiimote? Fable 2? Alan Wake? Resident Evil 5?

GFahim4244d ago

come on man its much better to experience resident evil 5 with motion controls!...just look at RE4!

ItsDubC4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Playing FPSs on the 360 w/ something similar to the Wii remote would be amazing. Play Metroid Prime 3 if you haven't yet experienced how good the Wii remote is for first-person games.

And yes, RE4: Wii Edition worked really well control-wise as well.

Silellak4244d ago

Yay, fanboys bashing the Wii and we're only one post in.

Next stop: Open Zone. Population: YOU.

Amanosenpai4244d ago

Maybe one of the fanboy nightmares will become reallity...

Halo 4 and GeOW 2 will be for casuals /heh

Omegasyde4244d ago

I will admint with TC most waggle games stink.RE4, metroid, and Zelda are the exceptions.

However Games like excite truck, every third party game on the wii are the opposite.

I will be playing Mario Kart Wii with a controller, not some cheap 10 dollar plastic wheel. By the way this rumor has been floating around since the launch of the Wii. MTV has failed and probably got rickrolld doing so.

wageslave4244d ago

If Microsoft does decide to do it, I hope they make it work better than the Wii does.

The wii is pretty inaccurate control.

And, it really wont be for games like Fable, but games like Ping-Pong and Baseball and other such things.

Further, they'll be able to get multi-plat games Xbox 360 & Wii.

meepmoopmeep4244d ago

well, the PS3 was bashed from the xbox side for having motion controls... wonder what these same people will say when the 360 has it?

toughNAME4244d ago

The PS3 controller was bashed because Sony forgot about rumble. But once that sixaxis-dualshock trade in program kicks in that argument will die:P

Richdad4244d ago

Say to MS if you do this make it for just few games I dont want all of them to be motion sensor like WII. I would say make a couple of game but not a whole bunch. Although if the althogether games increase its OK but yeah Halo Wars would be good with that. But still not more of hardcore games like that or be prepared to face fans of 40 years who play flute from stomach like those of NIntendo.
Yeah be a man and dont copy that girl Wii.

JsonHenry4244d ago

Now if I can just get Microsoft to make a Marvel Comics version of Super Smash Brothers type gameplay all would be right with the world!!

DG4244d ago

Its about time...what took so long...Id buy a sports pack with the remote (ie. Wii). Isnt that the highest selling software for the Wii anyway (although they do count the bundles for the wii and the remote). Id rather buy this than a Wii (if I can find one).

wallace10004243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I still don't understand why there is so much hatred aimed at the Wii. It is a fun console. Is it maybe because it is the number one selling console this generation? Are some people feeling a little angry because their 360 or PS3 isn't in first place?

@ Amanosenpai - i agree some fanboys would hate to see those titles become casual but don't forget to add KZ2 and MGS4 to that list. There are fanboys on both sides that hold their exclusives above everything else.

yesah4243d ago

well if 360 does do this, im sure ps3 will follow. And that will be the end as wii know it

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OC_MurphysLaw4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

E3 announcement...."Microsof t announces we have motion control in our game pad.........again (see pc gamepad for outdated tech)"

Iamback4244d ago

The only thing MS know to do is copy and improve on it. I already see it how they pretend that their "wii mote" is something new

wageslave4244d ago


They all "copy" each other. PSN is copying Achievements.

Microsoft spends plenty of R&D every year. They also employ more PhDs than any other firm on the planet.

Omegasyde4244d ago

Like Wageslave said, Microsoft wouldn't be microsoft if Bill Gates didn't steal the idea for a "personal" operating system in the first place.

ArmrdChaos4244d ago

You mean Steve Jobs...the same guy who stole the concept from Xerox while on his little tour of their facility?

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power of Green 4244d ago

Having the motion control as an option is the point and isn't aimed at the standard gamer. lol

MSFT is trying to win the casual masses that seem to think motion control is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

gambare4244d ago

funny, in a topic about the chance of a wii-mote like control coming to the PS3 you told about this being a terrible idea, but now you are saying that this will be a good idea.

THE_JUDGE4244d ago

09 looks to be a year full of bad ports from Wii to 360. YAYYYY!!!!!

chaosatom3334244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I don't think it will happen. Plus if they want to port, they can do it now, without the motion sensing.

IF microsoft is trying to get into the casual gaming, they should back away. Nintendo and Sony has it covered.

Desperation is starting to show in microsoft's face. Microsoft should realize that they don't need to compete with Wii, they need to compete with PS3.

toughNAME4244d ago

Well I don't like the Wii Remote, but it clearly has a lot of potential. If Microsoft made their own version (better than Nintendo's) I wouldn't mind giving that thing a shot.

And if you're going to put speakers in the damn thing, make sure they are DECENT least.

wageslave4244d ago

Im less worried about the speaker than the ACCURACY of the thing.

Playing with the Wii always feels like "cheating", the conroller just kind of assumes too much.

meepmoopmeep4244d ago

and i'm pretty sure you are one of the people to bash and snicker about the sixaxis back when. my how people change

MetalProxy4244d ago

Yes he was and a few others...

toughNAME4244d ago

lol when did I EVER bash motion controls?

Sony was stupid enough to release a half assed controller with no rumble...that was bashed...many many times on my part

Blitzed4244d ago

I was someone who didn't care too much about losing the rumble in the six-axis, in fact i would turn off rumble from time to time in the past. I did miss the extra weight to the controller though, and purchased a Dualshock3 the other day. I had completely forgotten how much rumble adds to the intensity of the gameplay; especially with first person shooters. I just played a little R:FoM and it was awsome. I didnt realize it until I got it back, but I missed the rumble.

poopface14244d ago

I dont have a ps3 but Ive had rumble since N64 and ps1. When my 360 battery gets low the rumble goes off and I can really notice the difference. Especially when the rumble works and then stops then goes just a little bit.

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