Call of Duty 4 Variety Pack Tips

Now that you've plunked down ten bucks for the variety pack, how the heck do you stop from getting sniped all day long on Creek? Sarcastic Gamer's Variety Pack Multiplayer Tips will help keep you alive and highlight strategies for the new maps.

From the article: "While the map is mostly indoors, there is a large parking lot and two smaller houses outside of the main building. Domination point A can be found out there, and because it's outside of the main building, it seems that these buildings are usually neglected a bit. This also means that when a squad of enemies do decide to take it, it can catch your team off-guard. As I've noticed, there is normally a sniper in that building, and while the view is limited, a sniper can pick off enemies going to C, and possibly anyone making a run to his position."

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