Genre Analysis: RPG

If the FPS is the action movie of the film world, the role-playing game is the sweeping, Oscar-darling melodrama. RPG's are story-driven, plot-heavy epics that often deal with heavy subject matter in their narratives: like war, death and politics.

RPG's are home to powerhouse, double-digit sequel-inducing, tried-and-true franchises like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest. Taking a look at the genre, one that is rife with numerous sequels and often "stagnant" gameplay, we can learn how it remains relevant and successful today.

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Massive-Delusion3872d ago

Story is one of, if not, THE main reason I prefer RPGs to FPSs. That, plus the fact you are immersed in these huge, free-roaming worlds, where you can practically do what you want, when you want- unlike an FPS which can be a bit restrictive and linear. I always love the way you can see more of your world in an RPG because you are mainly in the 3rd person view. Along with side quests and the ability to heavily customise your character, RPGs are a do-it-your-way person's dream come true...

kewlkat0073872d ago


1. Story/Opening Scene (That's the Hook)

2. Character Developement/Level System

3. The beauty of the Game/Environment

4. Battle System (Turn-based vs. Action)(I'm old school turn-based junkie)

5. Musical Score (Goes hand in hand with the Story's mood and can evict strong emotions(Play "Lost Odyssey")

6. Extra, characters/side quest/tales/weapons/masteries. .etc

WildArmed3872d ago

Totally agree with ya!
Another important factor IMO is the length of the game.. You wont be able to beat the game in 6-11 hours like with FPS.
I do really enjoy FPS and all, but if it was my pick between to pick up a RPG game or FPS, RPG ^_^

(It definitely gives my moneys worth, sometimes 300%)

RPG games keep me occupied for a few months, that means no buying other games and spending cash lol
But FPS/TPS games I usually get a new one in 20days tops >_<

ChickeyCantor3872d ago

i just love the art in RPG's......i love the cliche stuff..
ofcourse the gameplay has to be solid too.

Cdaja3872d ago

If you look at the game Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 I am sure most of you know how it will end. But the ending almost brought me to tears because of how tehy presented it. That is the power of RPGs A movie can have a good story that brings you back but RPGs and Books can have a story that moves you.