Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 faster on Mac OS X than Safari 3.1

Zdnet writes:

"Previous benchmark tests that I'd carried out on my Mac mini had shown that Safari 3.1 was the fastest browser for the Mac OS X. Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 changes that."

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Regret4478d ago

Your "action list" is scary dude, take a break, you are here 24/7 :/ Sorry for OffT but man...

Massacre4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

haha...yea it like weird.

decapitator4478d ago

Actually am not at all, I post till I can't post anymore and then I practically disappear...I lol'ed.

Harry1904478d ago

i'm coming for you master.(Very little chance)
Anyway,Firefox sure is nice.Tried Safari,but
Firefox is better.

decapitator4478d ago

Oh wow, am I really here all day ? because I still get time to do tons of things. Example, my girl just left my house now after her been here morning. so yeah....

@Harry, next month, I will probably be working So I won't be around much.

Harry1904478d ago

How could you get disagrees for saying that?
Mad world.

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Azures4478d ago

Good, cause we don't care about you.

Frnicatr4478d ago

Thanks. :)
I don't know what's so good about FireFox anyway. I don't get it at all.

Azures4478d ago

EVERYONE needs to use Firefox. Its the Metal Gear Solid of web browsing.

Their is Mozilla Firefox and then their is everything else.

DEIx15x84478d ago

I just ran a test and the latest Safari build blew the latest Firefox build out of the water. All of these tests always compare beta to release but in a beta to beta comparison Firefox really gets smoked. If your interested in the betas there actually called webkit and are the open source engine of Safari. Safari is just a gui for it. Thus the nightly webkit builds are identical to Safari on the surface (even have the same version number) except for a gold icon instead of silver.

psnDevistator3564478d ago

I'm using Firefox 3 Beta 5 and its the fastest browser I've ever experienced and I tried safari and its fast too but just not as fast. I have a friend that loves apple but he likes crap. I love pc, when it gets out of date I just change some parts not go to the apple store and buy the another computer thats slightly better than the last.

Kholinar4478d ago

It's so close as to be a non-issue. Add a single extension and it's back to even between the two. So, while extensions are a boon they also can be a liability. There's something to be said for prioritizing your install choices. Btw, if you want to disagree, here's an Ars Tech article with proof:

The best thing about this is that Firefox 3 is so much > Firefox 2. So much that people switching directly to the new release should be stunned. It's amazing how great browsers are improving thanks to healthy competition. That's why I'm all for Opera, Safari, and yes... even IE8 improving.

Browser mono-culture like what we've had with IE6 is unacceptable. It doesn't matter if the name of the browser is IE or Firefox, Opera, Safari, whatever... competition is a win for all of us, and not IE FTW, or Firefox FTW, etc.

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