PSX Extreme Offers $1,000 For GTAIV Review

This can't be real, can it? But it looks like it is...PSX Extreme is offering a cool grand for anybody who can provide a pre-release review of Grand Theft Auto IV. You'll have to prove you really have the game, and PSXE will verify the review is accurate after the game releases. If it is, though, it's a thousand bucks!

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ATLRoAcH4237d ago

Pretty crazy. I hope someone comes forward.

Storm234237d ago

I might have missed it, but why are they doing this? What is in it for them? (Serious question)

Crazyglues4237d ago

with so many bloggers and news people being treated to the full game why has there been no reviews yet... This is strange?

I thought we would have at least 6 of them by now. but we don't even have one.

LightningPS34237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

I just hope Sony has it covered. This game is gonna be compare so much.

If ever Sony was to make sure that they got an accurate version, this would be it. Even more so than Call of Duty 4.

The only reason I say this is because the track record is usually that 360 versions are a little better.

I think Sony knows how big this game is, it was even delayed possibly to address the PS3 version.

Which is why I doubt that the PS3 version will be anything but great.

Hydrollex4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

it became as known as FAKE because it was against the Xbox 360, if it was against the PS3, then it was 100% REAL and no FAKE.

F*ckkkkk My life with these stupid fanboys.

This is confrimed by all people who have played GTA IV that


go kill yourself, nothing changes

----------------------------- -------

And no wonder why Microsoft paid 50 Billion, because they knew it. They want to tie the battle, its better than losing but NO ! DLCs don't have enough lovers

Archaeox4237d ago

you people bring console wars to the most unrelated threads

leon764237d ago

Of course it was true!!!! PS3 version IS SUPERIOR!!!!!!! I'm tottaly agree!!

Archaeox4237d ago

The presentation was great, with wonderful moving pictures and such

The starting mission was realy fun, I also noticed a new variety of vehicles, hummers too

The pedestrians are realy good in AI

Graphics are what you would expect from GTA, nice details and movements, and dark colors

The multiplayer was immense as players were everywhere with the tons of game modes

Overal, I give the game a solid 9.9

wheres my 1,000

Mystery_Person4237d ago

Nobody's supposed to have the game yet (I think) so why would they do this? I think it's a trap to catch someone with the game.

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