Alan Wake info promises rubbished

Moderators on the official Alan Wake forums have clarified that they have no idea when the media "blackout" on the title will end.

So much for the initial promise the blackout "won't continue for too much longer", which sent the Internet bananas earlier.

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Fishy Fingers3942d ago

Bah... the internet is a web of deceitful lies....


3942d ago
zonetrooper53941d ago

Im hoping to see some information at E3 or XO8 or trickle little bits of information every now and then. Also RIPHDVD stop trolling, I've banned you from the gamer zone.

Blademask3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Alan Wake is going to be one of the MOST epic titles of 2008. I saw the tech demo trailer back in 2005 and let me tell you, it was LEGENDARY!!!! I mean the cold hard stale look of Alan running around particles and day changing to night was AMAZING! THEN THEN the screenshots!!! The screens are still THE BEST MOST EPIC GRAPHICS I have EVER seen in my LIFE!

It puts to shame ANY new title thats been created since 2005, AND it holds up! I mean come on, what other titles have lens flares and bloom!? NONE!

This brings me to the EPIC STORY! Alan Wake WILL be the defining game of our lifetimes. Some had pong, others had mario. WE gamers will have Alan Wake. Max Payne was the best game that I have EVER exp.. best THING I have ever experienced in my lifetime! Its hard to believe that they can do it again with Alan Wake, but from the complete lack of information, updates, and or news. I am 100% CONVINCED that this story and game will be HUGE and EPIC. It takes place in this mountain town(sold already!) And you can walk around cars. PLUS you have a flashlight! From that i can deduct a few things.

- Alan Wake is a soldier of sorts. He does appear to be a war torn veteran, or he is fighting for the wrong reasons. The place where the story takes its cues is called "Mountain Town." Its a small town where people travel to, to get away from the real world. To escape. Inside of this world mysterious things go on, people turn up missing. But since Alan Wake doesn't care about people, it doesn't matter to him. He keeps his nose down, and minds his own business. Until one fateful night. His flashlight comes up missing.

- Alan Wake has set the bar for visuals in gaming. Even though yes, I haven't seen anything but a PC demo from 2005 I can tell these things. It will probably need a 20 core'd machine to run, Of course the 360 won't need an update to run a game this complex, Have you seen Mass Effect? Performance MEGATON, no framerate dips. Fully flawless stream loading, as well as multiple animations per character. Each Character has 1 run cycle, 1 walk cycle, and 1 talk cycle. EPIC. Alan Wake seems to employ the use of Quantum Physics and magic to calculate the particle systems and fully indestructible environments which appear to be very very high poly. This is all good news considering from what I've seen in the 3 screenshots of the game from day to night... that Alan Wake will take place on 1 single map. The Map of the entire WORLD is to be used as the sandbox environment for this title. This means that you can realistically walk from California to NYC if you wanted(stream loading) or take a bus/car/plane/transformer. It's surely going to be one of the most graphic heavy games we have seen in a while, and thats just based on lens flared screenshots, and what xboxBoB56 says on the Remedy forums.

-Infinite Gameplay. From what I can also tell is that Alan Wake is going to be made in the way to where every single interaction with the 200+ A.I characters is different by time of day/mood/or what you do. There is NO WAY to play the game the same way through twice, because it is randomly different each time. This means that you can play Alan Wake OVER and OVER and OVER again, because there are an infinite number of dynamically driven endings using the power of the 360. Core users don't need to be worried either, because this game will run on a super computer, as well as a core 360 without a HDD.

I wont lie, I think this one title. This SINGLE title will destroy every other title out there, and more than likely opposing game systems. Alan Wake is the biggest movement in videogames since the joystick. Its really going to define the way that we LIVE through games, because we will no longer be PLAYING.

Wait.... Oh I read the story wrong, I thought it said the Blackout was over... It says that story is debunked... Nevermind.

Grown Folks Talk3941d ago

Because every AMAZING PS3 title shown in 2005 is already gracing your precious system huh?

Blademask3941d ago

GT5p is also out and photorealistic.


Joey Gladstone3941d ago

It really has been quite a while since i've commented on this site but man....I had a couple of laughs there reading all of those excerpts lol thanks Blademask ..
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Diugu3941d ago

That was so funny! hehehehe


Grown Folks Talk3941d ago

& again, Uncharted is Kameo with real people. Bright & colorful. 1 site gave it best looking & it won how many other best graphic awards? aawwwww. Since you have the right to rave about everything on your PS3 like it's the 2nd coming, why don't others have the right to enjoy what they are looking forward too? If it was a PS3 exclusive it would be the end all be all.

Diugu3941d ago

The games that were shown for the PS3 ages ago release news now and then. This one is on the total dark.

Also.. this was a tech demo. The PS3 ones had different presentations.

Anyways... I think the 360 owners have enough games. They can live without this one for a while.

Blademask3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Last time I checked the only title to "win" for graphics was Halo3. We all know thats legit, because halo3 DID have the best graphics in any game of 2007.

Its going to be hard countering your points, if you change your arguments up so often.

Just so you know,

Game Revolution

etc... all praised Uncharteds visuals(oddly enough no one made the Kameo comparisons) not 1 source. 90% on Gamerankings and 88% on metacritic.

[email protected]

Uncharted and GT5p look amazing. I cant vouch for any other titles. Ps3 said 'hey we are going to do some amazing titles' and they came out. Yea they aren't killzone2, because only killzone2 is killzone2. But I think GT5p and Uncharted are what was promised, just not on the scale of hype and awe as KZ2.

Alan Wake is Vaporware. Its "EPIC" based on nothing. At least the games I mentioned are released.

Grown Folks Talk3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Did I say it didn't look good? No. It does look good, just not as good as you try to make it out to be. There hasn't been a single game released yet that is mind blowing. Everything that comes out on the PS3 is the greatest ever until another game comes out. The stuff isn't that damn great period. I see Sony only fans saying Lost Odyssey looks like a PS2 game but Folklore looks amazing. Please. Quit over blowing every damn thing. Uncharted looks good. It's not earth shattering. & just as you stated on Wageslave's bogus article about game scores, it's just opinions anyways right? (For above) It's an article stating a previous article was false. It's not claiming Alan Wake is going to be the greatest thing in history. People are interested in the title & thought maybe they were going to get some new info. Terrible isn't it?

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Doctor Strange3941d ago

Good thing they came out and squashed it before the hype got too big. I want to see more on Alan Wake like everyone else but I understand them not trying to spoil too much and keep the game fresh and exciting when it hits.

But on the other hand people want to see progress of some kind to keep themselves excited about the title, they are going to have to show something sometime soon.

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