Eurogamer: THQ Wii Showcase (Previews Battle of the Bands, de Blob, Deadly Creatures and Big Beach Sports)

Eurogamer writes: "These days there's always an elephant in the room. If you're making an MMO it's World of Warcraft. If you're making a shooter it's Halo. If you're making a fuss it's Naomi Campbell. Pity poor Planet Moon, then, because Battle of the Bands is up against industry super-elephants Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

At a glance, it's 7/10 as usual. Instead of the icons moving down the screen and you matching them, they move up it and you match them. That should confuse the lawyers. Instead of doing combos to build Star Power for massive bonuses, you do combos to fire off attacks for massive bonuses. By now the lawyers have gone home."

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