Update: Exclusive GTAIV PlayStation 3 Bundle confirmed for Europe

Gaming-Age writes:

" We've been hearing rumors about this for a couple of weeks now, but it appears that we are one step closer to getting an answer. Based on the evidence so far presented, it looks like Europe will be getting an official Grand Theft Auto 4 + PlayStation 3 Bundle."

Update:Gaming-age administrator, Jim, has confirmed the rumor in a forum post on NeoGAF:

"And while I haven't heard from Sony yet, I HAVE heard from some people in the Euro distribution channel who have corroborated that it's a real bundle. No other info yet. So it's of course not "official".

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decapitator3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Guys, its!T just got real folks. Massive boost in the UK for Sony.

Shaka2K63936d ago

Just like Japan and Aussie land and NA and USA and Africa and the moon and the rest of the world.

this is a Sony PS franchise, where it belongs.

no price cuts,dlc that only nerds care about or anything is gonna save the x360 now.

Ghoul3936d ago

massiv boost for ps3 no matter what country that bundle will arrive :D

next massive sales spike 12.6 mgs4 bundle :)

sonarus3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Well it takes a little edge off the ps3 price difference and it associates the grand theft auto game with playstation 3 more than 360. However, i still say a 50 dollar price cut would have better sealed the victory. You really cannot underestimate the casual gamer who will be buying an arcade unit simply because that is all he can afford.

@eagle eyes. If they want to catch up to the 360 and sail past the wii, then yes...price drop is really needed

Time Lord3936d ago

Dont expect any price drop any time before august or even X-mas time, Sony have finally started selling decent numbers, in almost every region, and more importantly for them, they are starting to make profits, price drop is not REALLY needed at this time. imo anyways.

Violater3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )


Amanosenpai3936d ago

OMG if this is real start saying goodbye to Europe MS.

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MaximusPrime3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

excellent news.

One of my workmate's friend (who got a refund after 3rd dead xbox) is planning to get ps3 "as long it is bundle with GTA4". He will be a very happy man.

btw: i recently lost 2 bubbles. Thank you very much.

edit below: Cheers. Now i just wait for the increase of my bubbles.

wageslave3936d ago

Maybe you lost your bubbles because you bring up fictional stories about heat-failures every chance you get?

Try and stay on-topic. Thanks.

Spinner3936d ago

Pretty big coming from a guy who brings up random crap about "Sony Droids" and how this site is overrun with them.

yanikins1113936d ago

I think your posts aint half bad. Have bubbles.

Why cant people bring up heat failures? Its a problem people. And if ms isnt pressured into fixing it, and i mean really fixing it, they wont. Geezus.

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LightningPS33936d ago

after loosing GTA IV exlcusivity and DLC. This is the least they could F*cken do. I hope they paid Rockstar to get this exclusive bundle.

Now if only they got it for the US also. But maybe it's too much to ask.

deeznuts3936d ago

They didn't "loose" or lose anything. Rockstar themselves said Sony knew about it, and agreed with Rockstar to let them go multiplatform in exchange for future exclusive titles.

wageslave3936d ago


Grand Theft Auto has been on a Microsoft Platform since GTAI.

GTA has _ALWAYS_ been multiplatform.

Get a clue.

Spinner3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Oh wow wageslave, now PC games count as multiplatform, but when 360 games are on PC, they're "console exclusive"


And I'm tired of PC being called a "Microsoft Platform" - just becasue it's running a MS operating system.

Look at the Dreamcast, it was running a variant of Windows CE ( - does that make it a MICROSOFT PLATFORM? Microsoft had no control over the games that came out for it, and they didn't get royalties from game sales either. Thus, the Dreamcast is considered a Sega platform, not a Microsoft platform.

Now replace "Dreamcast" with "PC" and you have essentially the same situation : the PC isn't a Microsoft platform just because you are using a Microsoft OS. No amount of name-calling or sarcasm will change that fact. PC is a FREE GAMING PLATFORM. It doesn't belong to Microsoft anymore than it does Intel or Nvidia.

supahbad3936d ago

actually deeznuts he was correct in saying "lose". "loose"-pronounced (lew-ss) refers to your GF, lol

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Massacre3936d ago

Damn this thing will

LightningPS33936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

and having exclusive DLC. I really wonder how PS3 can stay in the game WITHOUT something like this.

Edit: I'm talking mostly GTA release. Not really the console war are a whole.

MaximusPrime3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

PS3 has bluray support. great for bluray movie viewers not just GTA4.

The Wood3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

you been 'away' or something like those guys from LOST?


lol @ below

Drekken3936d ago

momma should made you wear a helmet... one too many drops Im assuming.

sonarus3936d ago

yea he has. Remember i think he sold his ps3 for an Xbox 360 last yr. Poor guy:p

bruiser813936d ago

First off the 360 has always been cheaper, second you are aware that even at its new price the 360 is still being outsold in the UK by the ps3? In any case if you were not you are now

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