12 New GTA 4 multiplayer images has 12 new GTA 4 multiplayer images


GameKult took down screenshots, check alternative sources.

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Meus Renaissance4236d ago

Those visuals are GameCube standard. I hope it looks better in motion cos if it doesn't then I'm going to..DANCE!

Tommie4236d ago

Spoiled. GTA IV looks amazing, and remember: the entire city is available through online multiplayer so it's one HUGE map and it still looks amazing.

Meus Renaissance4236d ago

If you think those visuals look "amazing" then you're suffering from visual malnutrition. I say those screenshots look bad, lets wait and see the actual video of the gameplay but those images look utter waste. I want my 200KB of bandwidth back lol

Tommie4236d ago

Your the one that has 4 disagrees so I think your the one that is suffering from visual malnutrition

BeaArthur4236d ago

They don't look that bad. I mean it's GTA not CoD 4. No one plays the game for the graphics anyways.

Montrealien4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

because thinking those are GC like graphics shows that he also has technical malnutrition.

oh, and whatever is happening in the Heli shot with Rockstar NY guys jumping on to the truck...I am ***ing in!

Jack Meahoffer4236d ago

Everyone thinks GTA IV should look like Crysis, Gears of War or Uncharted... There is a big difference between linear and open world games. Just the physics this game is running takes a lot of system resources.

GTA IV multiplayer could look like a remake of the Atari classic "Combat" with different color squares shooting each other on screen and I'd still buy and still love it.

Rockstar releases nothing but pure gold. Pure 24K gold. I plan to dump the contents of my 360 collectors edition box on my bed and roll around in it rubbing the manual and whatnot all over my naked body. Mmmmmm Rockstar gold...

Omegasyde4236d ago

Wow, I was so blindsided by that. Damn gj bro I can't believe I didn't see it coming.


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wizerd4236d ago

@ Meus Renaissance

what the hell u talking bout man no offence but go suck a big old lemon

Meus Renaissance4236d ago

Lol, go suck one yourself then take pics :D

Omegasyde4236d ago

Screw Pics, I want video.

InMyOpinion4236d ago

The screenshot with the dude jumping from a helicopter onto a rivals(I assume) car tells me GTA IV's multiplayer will be something else.

hollowtipz_3604236d ago

fire cant waiit !!!! xbox version is betta

SUP3R4236d ago

Was that really necessary?
How incapable are you to just comment about your anticipation without being a fanboy?

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The story is too old to be commented.