Top Five Best Uses Of The Wii Remote (so far)

WiiWii details five of the best ways the Wii's unique motion-based controller has been utilized, to date.

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Syko3849d ago

Wow, No Zelda on there? The Hookshot was bad ass with the Wiimote. Even Wii bowling controlled better than a few of those on the list.

kewlkat0073849d ago

will be awesome with the wii-mote if done correctly.

Even a "Jet Set Radio" would be a sweet connection with these Wii-motes.

desolationstorm3849d ago

Hell yeah Jet Set Raio would be awesome. When I first saw the wii I thought hwo it would be stupid for sega to not try a jet set radio game on it.

As for NMH I love that game and the article was right the cell phone bit was awesome really good use of the speaker int he remote. Also everything he says was good because it used the right amount of motion though maybe the bike scenes could have used some motion. Though the wrestling moves along with the raising and lowering of the remote to determine the hit was a nice touch also.

INehalemEXI3849d ago

From what I hear The Force Unleashed does the wii mote as lightsaber well. NMH was great though I was expecting the controls to be different.

Danja3849d ago

No More Hereos ..really did the Wii mote good....great game

Covenant3849d ago

That's it...I'm going to have to rent "No More Heroes." The more I hear about it, the better it looks.

M_Prime3849d ago

No More Heroes was AWSOME and is awsome..

It sits right beside my wii.. swapping it with BRAWL..

its the only game i played again RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED. Its so good..

though i'm at the point where my beam katana does not need to be charged and i miss the power up animations.. so funny.

And this game is 100% about boss battles for me.. i thought it woulda been to Short.. considering the first few bosses you breeze through, but each is more interesting then the next.. its so awsome.. and the ending is too good.. I will not spoil it for anyone but its 1 hell of an ending..

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