1UP: Previews: Saints Row 2 - We get our hands on this mad mad mad mad world

1UP writes: "For our first Saints Row 2 preview, we got a brief look at the new aiming system, the game's character creation mode, and a trailer park mission. Yesterday, THQ brought that same mission out again at a press event, along with a helicopter-based co-op chase sequence, and gave the media their first hands-on shot at the game.

In short, it's still crazy, and everything from the controls to the customization options seems to feed into this concept. Half of the hairstyles are so large you can hardly see your character's face (one of which is a "Heihachi" style that makes your character look like he belongs in Tekken), the physics and collision detection seem to be intentionally goofy (and a little clumsy) to play down the sense of reality, and, well, Gary Busey is in the trailers."

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LightningPS34244d ago

this game looks as good as GTA IV. Why? Because I haven't seen any gameplay from GTA IV.

Just comes to show, that it's all hype. GTA IV is hyped beause of the name.

InMyOpinion4244d ago

I'm gonna wait and try both games before I decide if one is more overhyped than the other. GTA is hyped for a reason. It always delivers, and pushes the envelope for what's possible in a game.

I think both look great though. I loved the first Saints Row so I'm hyped up about this one as well.

Time Lord4244d ago

Please tell me when have you EVER seen GTA gameplay video or even picture before the game was released. yes the GTA hype is because of its name, didnt you just take minute to work out WHY that is...well let me tell you, beacuse it has ALWAY been bloody great game.

machete squad steve4244d ago

Dude I totaly agree about GTA4 being all about the hype with these miss leading trailers.

Fux4Bux4244d ago

Wow I can't believe there's GTA hating Saints Row loving fanboys.

Everything they've shown of GTA has been in engine graphics what the hell are you fanboys even arguing about?

Hiresdes4244d ago

If you haven't seen GTAIV in action then you've been living under a rock, and every major magazine has already given us their hands-on impressions.

sleepbox4244d ago

Saint's Row was the best GTA clone, PERIOD. Saint's Row 2 is a day 1 purchase for me.