PlayTM: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

PlayTM writes: "Frankly if a game has good gore, I'm embarrassed to say, it's like tossing an apple to the teacher or a donut to the police. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. Upon hearing that I'd be reviewing Nordic hack and slash game Viking: Battle for Asgard; you can imagine I was looking forward to it. Even more so when I saw that the game was BBFC rated 18 for the sole reason of its "bloody violence." The box made promises of a no-nonsense free-roaming action-adventure that allows detailed dismemberment of your foes.

The so-called "dismemberment of foes" is a set of automated uninterruptible fatality animations, which occur when an enemy is almost dead and a big X appears above their head and ... you ... press ... the ... X ... button. To be honest limbs do go flying and blood does come pouring out, but its all so incredibly boring after literally ten minutes. It's hard to really say why they're not more satisfying than that, but they simply aren't. Maybe it's the complete automation of it or maybe it's the lack of variety; but give me a Soldier of Fortune II gore fix any day of the week."

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