TXB: Red Faction: Guerilla Hands-on Preview

TXB writes: "If you've been knocking about the world of video games long enough, then you probably remember a shooter from around the turn of this last century called Red Faction. Set on a near future Mars, Red Faction attempted to bring something new to the FPS genre by creating a very robust destruction engine that let you poke holes in walls and other opportune places for getting through levels. The makers called it GeoMod, and if you can remember back further to when the game was in the previews stage, you'll remember that it started out even more robust, allowing you to destroy anything and everything, essentially giving you the ability to tunnel your way through the levels without ever seeing an enemy. Maybe unfairly, maybe wisely, the final version of GeoMod was somewhat nerfed. The final game was successful enough for a sequel a year later, but the more recent announcement of a new game in the series didn't stir much interest for most gamers who had moved on long ago."

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