New Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One details

Famitsu has conducted a special interview with Wataru Kato, Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One's director. The key points of the article are:

· Accused One takes place on a smaller scale than the original VP because, being a human, Wilfred lacks the ability to fly over the whole world in a flash.
· VP2 focused mainly on just Silmeria. VP1 focused on the einherjar. People liked that a lot, so they're bringing it back.
· However, they hope there will be a heightened connection to the mortal characters as you interact with them human-to-human rather than through the cold detachment of Valkyrie objectivity.
· They also think you'll feel a greater connection as characters may live or die or become allies or enemies by the choices you make in the game. At the end of chapters, you'll make decisions that cause the story (and Wilfred's role) to diverge.
· The einherjar are all new, and there are a considerable number of them -- but they won't say how many yet.

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PS360WII4478d ago

Sounds like the game is shaping up nicely