Ninja Gaiden II Preview (GameSpy)

Ryu Hayabusa returns for another round of action. Now with more dismemberment!

Intense, challenging gameplay; mouth-watering graphics; saved combat scenes; neat Kurosawa filter.

Camera issues continue to get in the way of the fun; may be too challenging for many players.

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wageslave4246d ago

If the complaint is it is "too hard", well sign me up.

Who wants to just blaze through a game in 20 hours without any trouble? I *like* a game to show some CHALLENGE.

fenderputty4246d ago

"may be too challenging for some" means this game is going to be like it's predecessor. AWESOME. This game is about blood, slick looking graphics and a great and challenging fighting system. I hope they get the camera issue fixed and this game will totally kick ass.