The First 10 Minutes: Dark Sector (360 Version)

Gamersyde's Snoopers:

Koch Media sent us the review disc of Dark Sector (which will be available in europe at the end of the week), and here are the ten first minutes of the game, before our Gamersyde Diaries which is coming next. The video covers the full introduction chapter, entirely in black and white as you'll see.

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InMyOpinion4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Fun to look at, not so fun to play. I thought it was fun in the beginning, but 2 hours into the game it gets tedious and annoying. The game is not balanced as it should be. Your pistol does more damage than a mounted machinegun and the levels are extremely uninspiring to play through. Then there are times when the game gets so dark that you hardly see anything and have to adjust the brightness settings. And when the light comes back you have to adjust it again lol! Nice =)

I'd give it 6/10. It has graphics, but lacks pretty much everything else.

HeavyweightInTheGame4244d ago

Except the fact that the story was almost non-existent. You do know that there's a flashlight right?

InMyOpinion4244d ago

I know, but it's very weak.

games4fun4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

i rented for my ps3 and turned the lighting up higher and it was fine the whole way through.

I think this game is an 8/10 decent single player fun and does everything well, it loses steam towards the very end but its over before you want to quit playing anyway and the puzzles are a little hard and challenging they just dont tell you the answers you have to find out yourself even for boss fights

what i am more displeased with than anything is the pathetic online mode which would have given it replay value, if they had had dedicated servers and a classic team deathmatch added in it would have been a decent game worth buying instead of renting

as a sidenote: the environments were partially destructable when you were facing a boss they could destroy many things (parts of buildings/pillars/benches/crat es/walls) which Dark sector did not get any recognition for and also in the later level where you control the mech blow up stuff with its cannon everything but the fence is somewhat destructable a testament to the engine they are using but no one gave them any props for it because it was subtle and done right instead of in your face and unrealistic

GiantEnemyCrab4243d ago

It did not have a story and the environments look straight out of Gears of War even thought hey aren't using UE3. But the glaive play is awesome and the battles are good.


games4fun4243d ago

with you on i thought that the game was decent and worth a play through if they had spent more time making the online right and added in dedicated servers i would have bought this game after renting it instead of doing nothing