TXB: Baja Hands-On Preview

TXB writes: "If there's one thing you can count on from a game publisher's media event when multiple titles are featured, you can generally bank on there being at least one shooter and at least one driving/racing game. At THQ's "Gamers Day" this week, there was certainly a racer, but it wasn't exactly what we expected.

Baja is a furious desert racer that has solid development roots, thanks to the work of 2XL Games, a relatively new developer in Phoenix, Arizona. Though I'm sure the staffers will want to focus on their new work, it's probably important to note that 2XL was founded by ex-Rainbow Studios employees-and when you consider Rainbow's involvement in such notable titles as ATV Offroad Fury, Motocross Madness and the recent MX vs. ATV Untamed. Rainbow is also a wholly owned subsidiary of THQ, so you know that 2XL's founders had a headstart in working with THQ on new games."

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