TXB: Darksiders: Wrath of War Preview

TXB writes: "When the term "post-apocalyptic" is used to describe a game's setting-which it maybe too often is-they usually mean post-nuclear war. Maybe it's a remnant of our Cold War anxieties that we always envision the end of the world as a landscape of mushroom clouds, nuclear winter and radiation-addled zombies.

But what about the good old days, when the end of the world was heralded, not by air raid sirens, but by incoming showers of brimstone? I, for one, miss that old-fashioned Book of Revelations stuff. You know, all that mystical Armageddon business with the angels and demons battling it out, and the four horsemen riding across the Earth spreading war, famine, disease and pestilence. I like my apocalypses like I like my keg parties: of biblical proportions."

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