10 Old School Games to Kill Time

MWEB Gamezone writer, Wiehahn Diederichs takes a look 10 PC titles that will keep you busy when you that that "dry-season" of gaming, when you've played all the latest releases or you don't have the cash for an up-to-date PC/Console

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HanCilliers2573d ago

Nice read! I've replayed Oblivion...a few times...and I would give Mafia a replay as well.

Choc_Salties2573d ago

I loved the old podracer game, but since i have a working version of carmageddon now, i don't need anything else :)

plut0nash2573d ago

For sure, Pod racer as cool. Carmageddon's a pretty good game even by today's standards too. I think it was meant for mobile.

Wiehahn2573d ago

Thanks! Carmageddon = awesome!

kiwipunk2572d ago

age of pirates 2 with mods, ah ive sunk many hours into this game,