Nvidia Falls Off The Map - 'dropped almost 40%'

Over the last three months, shares of Nvidia have dropped almost 40%. Chipmakers AMD and Intel have traded fairly flat over the same period.

AMD has been heavily punished over the last two years, so it makes some sense that its shares are not falling, but Nvidia's business has a history of has doing well because it operates in the highly profitable graphics chip segment of the market. Slowing PC sales have undermined all of the industry's suppliers, but the fall in NVDA shares is breathtaking.

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Fux4Bux4244d ago

Makes sense considering AMD is catching up again and they've remained pretty stagnant in chip design since the 8800 series came out.

Bolts4244d ago

Maybe this drop will serve as a wake up call, the 9800 series was a big dissapointment.

Merovee4244d ago

I got a feeling this DX10 fiasco has something to do with it as well, not many people really gave a crap and just sat on what they had until it's worth buying into. No point in dropping $600+ on a dx10 card when hardly any games use it.

Charlie26884244d ago

err...what $600 card? last time I checked people were buying the $180 8800GTs

err...dude DX10 is a now obligatory feature...its not a bonus you pay more to get...and the HUGE 8800GT explosion in sales will disagree with you

dude seriously what year are you living in? are you even familiar with the PC gaming scene?

Bolts4244d ago

This guy doesn't know WTF he's talking about or his perception of PC gaming isn't anywhere near current. The only card that cost $600 is the GX2 and thats the uber over the top model, even the highend 9800 GTX is only $300-350.

Charlie26884244d ago

I guess this is the effect of the "calm" after the buying storm of the 8800GTs and GTSs, I guess NVIDIAs stock wont sky rocket (again) until the full 9000 series lineup hits retail...and people go crazy again XD

f7897904244d ago

Prices go even more stupidly lower!

Richdad4244d ago

Guys 9800 was not very huge upgrade but the price was correct, the dissapointment was 9600 it was weaker than 8800 and it should be but it is much weaker than expected and the price is not very low from 8800 but yeah overall the pricing is improved.
But another reason may be that almost excpet crysis even UT3 runs on 7300SE yeah alot of features are missed out but it runs atleast and still look decent and frame rate is kind of satisfying.
I also like ATi but its not available in market properly here and the dealers charges very incorrect prices for it.

moses4243d ago

The 9600? Don't you mean the 9800 GTX? So far the 9600 GT is the only good thing that has come out of the 9 series, it's an amazing card that rivals the 8800 GT for only about 150$!