TeamXbox: Ninja Gaiden II Hands-on Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "The term "much anticipated" is greatly overused in previews of upcoming video games. It's about as an annoying of a cliché as "jaw-dropping graphics". Game scribes – including yours truly, on occaision – fall back on such cheap clichés no matter what the game is, whether anyone really is anticipating it and regardless to the truth of whether or not anyone's mandible actually unattached itself from anyone's skull. But in the case of Ninja Gaiden II, both statements are relatively accurate. Since 2004's stunning Xbox-exclusive Ninja Gaiden, fans have been waiting on pins and needles (or katanas and shurikens, perhaps) for the next-generation follow-up. And as for jaw-dropping; well, someone's jaw will be hitting the floor, but it's most likely to be an enemy of Ryu Hayabusa whose head went tumbling after a savage swipe from the Master Ninja. There are more body parts flung around in Ninja Gaiden II than an abattoir in an earthquake.

Only officially announced last year, Ninja Gaiden II has only seen a few screens and movies trickle out so far for a rabid populace's consumption. But recently we were lucky enough to get our hands on a build of the game. And even though it was a very early build, with some obvious glitches and missing textures that will doubt be polished up before the game's release (Itagaki-san has a bit of a reputation as a perfectionist) it was a great opportunity for us to get a decent feel of what the game is going to look, sound and play like and tell you what we think. So what do we think?"

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BeaArthur4246d ago

Loved the first one and can't wait for the sequel.

Shaka2K64246d ago

And the game still doesnt look as good as Sygma.

hazeblaze4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Me too. One of my favorite action games. I have no doubt that the action will be fun as hell... the graphics are a little less than what I've been expecting though. I'm sure the gameplay will make up for it...

@Shaka... it does move at 60fps. Not sure of the resolution but 720p really is just as good imo. However, I do agree that the gfx don't seem as impressive as the 1st game did when it came out.

sonarus4246d ago

well no 1080p sucks but 720p is good enough for me. I loved sigma never played black because didn't have an xbox and only knew like 3 people who did back where i used to live.

Sigma was fantastic and i am getting this 100%. As of right now, it is my most anticipated 360 game. Ninja gaiden fighting system is one of the best i have seen period. Still wish it was coming out on ps3 though but i guess you can't have it all

chaosatom3334246d ago

Lets see how much improvement they made in terms of graphics from 1 year ago.

Shaka2K64246d ago

the graphics totally suck !!!!
xflip 3rd60 cant handle anything better now.

chaosatom3334246d ago

"Here we had a game that seemed very suited for the PlayStation or Nintendo markets, but had to be made on the most powerful machine available at the time, the Xbox, because Itagaki-san said there was no other way to fully express his vision, artistically or technologically. As a result, the original Ninja Gaiden was way ahead of its time. So is Ninja Gaiden II going to be ahead of its time in the same way, with the same kind of impact? "

It's not ahead, it's with the time. if they made it on ps3, then maybe yes.

But eventually it will make it to ps3 when i turn playing gta, mgs, lbp, killzone, resistance.

nitramn4g4246d ago

So far ps3 hasn't shown anything superior!

fanboyarebitches4246d ago

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power of Green 4246d ago

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nitramn4g4246d ago

The first one was incredible!

GUNS N SWORDS4246d ago

day one first hour purchase for me.

Booyah4246d ago

day one, first minute the shop opens purchase for me =p

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